The Thought: When “Best” is Not Enough

It was a calm, starry night. The couple embraced loosely, though anyone would be able to see the deep romance between them. As he leaned for a kiss, the guy started the conversation, “Thank you. For being with me.” The kiss was short and the girl smiled. “Isn’t this the best time of our life? Just you and me. In love.”, she said.

The guy opened his mouth. He paused for a second and slowly replied, ”I’m afraid not. A time with you can never be the best time for me.”

The girl was visually startled, but intrigued. She asked, “Why is that?”, trying to sound as nonchalantly as she could.

“Listen. I love you. I want to be with you until forever, if God allows.”, he stared at the sky before continuing, “To say that this is the best time of our life is unfortunate. Best is far too absolute of a word. What if we got married? Isn’t that better than now? What if when we sit together on the park bench, looking at our kids playing happily together, and we’re still madly in love with each other nonetheless? Isn’t that better than when we got married?”

The girl smiled. She knows all too well where he was going with his train of thoughts. Touching his cheek, she asked, “So?”

“So that’s that.”, the guy was now holding the girl hand that just caressed him. “To love you is not hoping to have the best time of my life. It’s to have better times. Each time I see you, kiss you, hug you, listen to you; every time I experience you with any sense that God has given me, it is always better than the previous one. You..”, he smiled as he looked at her deep in the eye, “You will only make my life better.”

And than they kissed. Not the best kiss ever, but obviously a better one than before. A one kiss that will be followed by lots and lots more of better kisses.