Guide: Foreigner in Korea!

So, if you’re a foreigner who lives in Korea for the first time, you probably have difficulties on adjusting to the everyday life of Korea. Oh, and by Korea, I mean South Korea. If you’re a foreigner in North Korea, then what the friggin’ shit are you doing there? Nuclear projects or something? Get the hell out from there ASAP!

I can only think this is what you’re doing if you’re in North Korea.

Therefore, as a fellow foreigner living in Korea, I’ll try to share some tips and guides on everyday life in Korea. Basically on how to make things done. As of now, I don’t think I’ll cover the language learning tho, you’ll find it in pretty much everywhere anyway.

If you got some questions, please leave it at the comments section. If I know the answers to that, I’ll do my best to help you. When this is posted I’ll be nearing my one-year mark in Korea, so I’m absolutely not the best person to guide you. If you have more experience and correction to my guides, please do leave some comments to better the guide.


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