Guide: How to book bus ticket online via KOBUS?

Step 1.
Open your browser. No, no, no, not your usual browser. Open your lovely Korean browser (read: Internet Explorer). Yeah I know, having the best internet connection in the world apparently doesn’t make a country to be as developed in internet browser option. *sigh*

Oh! And check if you have yourself a valid Korean bank card AND an Alien Registration Card. If you don’t have one of these, might as well just go to the terminal and buy it yourself. Or if you’re okay with train, go to KORAIL. I think they only need your passport to book online.

Step 2.
Ask yourself, do you really want to travel by bus? If you don’t, then why bothering reading this blogpost? If you do, then open KOBUS website on our lovely Korean browser. And click on “승차관예약.예매”.

Step 3.
You should be directed to this webpage below.

Choose the appropriate options for your travel and then click the “조회” button below the options. Please note that for some bus terminals, KOBUS will redirect you to HomeTicket website. I haven’t used this before, but I guess it’ll be very similar.

Step 4.
You will be shown the result of your selected options. Here’s an example if you’re traveling from Gwangju (광주) to Seoul (서울).

Pick one schedule which attracts you the most, which you think shall fulfill your desire of traveling, which shall give you the pleasure of arriving in your destination as planned.

Step 5.
Then you’ll be shown another page full of Hangeul. Thankfully, at the bottom of that page there’s this.

Yep, this is the seat booking page. The one that you can click means the seat is available, and the one that can’t be clicked is booked by hopefully gorgeous Korean ladies (or gents, if you’re a lady) of appropriate ages who will give soothing effect on your heart and eyes as you travel. The “card number” is obviously the 12-digit number in front of your bank card. When you’re done, click that blue button at the down-right corner. After you clicked on the blue button at the down right corner, you will be directed to another page and a dialog box will appear, which basically tells you that the reservation has been completed (it’s full of Hangeul, but that’s the main point). To be sure, type the sentences in the dialog box to Google Translate or any other translation software. It should tell something similar to the underlined words in this paragraph.

Step 6.
Now that the reservation’s done. Time to get your paper-license-of-travel-by-bus (read: ticket). So first, go to the bus terminal *obviously, duh*. Once you arrived, go to the toilet if you want. If you don’t feel like it, you can go around and try to find this machine pictured below.

As you find this machine, let out a squeal of joy since you’re nearing the last step on getting your ticket! Here’s a close-up and the important parts of the machine. Well, at least the important parts for customers, not the technicians.

As you can see, swipe your card on that swiping-device-thingie on the right. A number will pop out on the screen, the number indicates number of tickets you have reserved. So if you have reserved two tickets, the number “2” will appear on the screen. A short second after that the ticket will come out from the machine into the tray.

Step 7.
Go away and bow to the machine just for courtesy. Now wait for your bus to come. And don’t forget to go to the toilet first before you begin your trip. Have a pleasant journey!
A good bye hug to your loved one would be necessary.


  1. Bonita Dilasari · August 17, 2012

    Van, itu kartu nya harus pake credit card ato kartu debit biasa juga bisa?
    Waktu itu gw mau pesen bus gak jadi gara-gara pas nelpon english service katanya harus pake credit card…

    • cyanthrisvain · August 17, 2012

      Gw pake kartu bank biasa yang debit bisa2 aja koq. Maksudnya kartu kaya yang misalnya ke FamilyMart gitu tinggal gesek itu kan?

      • Bonita Dilasari · August 18, 2012

        iya…oh, bisa toh…
        Jadinya waktu itu naik kereta kami ke Yeosu. Baiklah, thanks infonya….next time dicoba… 🙂

  2. fahmirantiw25 · April 18, 2013

    hello, mau tanya dong. kalo mau reserve bus dari seoul ke gwangju pake bus apa ya? Kobus ngga provide rute itu soalnya. thanks!!

    • cyanthrisvain · April 19, 2013

      Halo juga. Untuk rute Seoul-Gwangju, (saya asumsikan dari Seoul Central City ya ini) bisa ke HomeTicket. Prosedurnya juga sama, mesin di terminal Central City juga mirip2 dengan yang saya post di sini, terakhir saya ke sana lokasinya di dekat loket tiket.

      Hope this helps. ^^

      • fahmirantiw25 · April 19, 2013

        yes! thanksss.. udah reserve semalem! anyway, where you live now? Seoul?

      • cyanthrisvain · April 20, 2013

        Gwangju. ^^

      • fahmirantiw25 · April 21, 2013

        gwangju? where? going to CNU?

  3. Hilda · May 18, 2013

    rute busan ke gwangju pesennya gmn ya? bahasa nya korea semua

    • cyanthrisvain · May 18, 2013

      Hahaha, ya wajar dong Mbak tulisannya bahasa Korea semua. xD
      Sama aja koq Mbak, tinggal di departure station ganti ke Busan, dan arrival station ganti ke Gwangju. ^^

  4. A foreigner in Korea · January 13, 2014

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. You’ve helped a lot of people out.

  5. Miranda · October 16, 2014

    I just did this and there is now a check box above the payment info that you have to agree to.

    Also, it doesn’t ask for the LAST 7 digits of your ARC anymore, it asks for the FIRST 6! It says ‘Year Month Day’ in Korean after it there, which is what those numbers are.

    And a bit of confirmation that I was able to use a Korean debit/check card no problem.

    • cyanthrisvain · October 17, 2014

      Thanks for the information Miranda! I’ve written this a couple of years ago, so I think they’ve updated their system. ^^

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