[K-Post] BEAST and MBC “We Got Married” WooJung Couple Got Related to Indonesia!

Well, tonight as I scrolled upon my Twitter timeline, my eyes got caught on my friend’s (@cpsjusuf) tweets that were shockingly amusing! These tweets relate BEAST and MBC‘s “We Got Married” couple, Lee Jangwoo and T-Ara‘s Eunjung to Indonesia, my beloved country.

The first one was BEAST‘s greetings to Indonesian fans. They greet the fans and tell them about their first Indonesian concert. BEAST fans, here you go.

The clip is easily understandable since they got English subtitle. But midway, one member made a pun, which is one form of comedy I personally like, using the word “indonesia”. So for those who don’t understand the joke, he said, “indo…ne si ya“, which in Korean can be said like, “indo…net shi ya” (“인도…넷시야”). In Korean, “net shi ya” (“넷시야”) means “four o’clock“. After he said this, you could see a very, very short time of awkwardness since this kind of joke is generally considered to be lame in Korea. But for me, it was hilarious! I’m not even a fan, but it made me laugh. The short comment by Yoseob at the end (“but it is not really at 4“), either as a goodwill or comeback to the joke, just gave me another good reason to continue on laughing. Nice one BEAST.

And the other tweet was about WGM‘s WooJung couple filming in Bali, Indonesia. Yes, they’ve gone to Bali for filming, following WGM‘s Adam Couple footstep. But though Adam Couple‘s Bali episodes were fun to watch, but they never ended up like this:

Nice! Very nice! For now, this will be as good as it gets! For the first time (maybe, don’t nitpick on me), I see a couple of Korean celebrities in Indonesian traditional (wedding) clothes! And they actually look good in them! If this should air, you bet I’ll watch it as soon as possible, be it raw and streamed. Anyway, see that girl behind with Jangwoo, there’s always a possibility that she’s a fan who successfully photobombed WooJung! If that’s correct, than kudos for you!

So that’s my not too short, but not that long updates on K-Pop related stuffs. See y’all next time! *poof*


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