[NEWS] Boom Showed His Selfishness Towards Hyoyeon! Possible Loveline for “Invincible Youth 2”?

On November 5, SBS aired the Star King – Amazing Competition which invited “Make-up Goddess”, Kim Bo Bae and Park Soo Hye. They unveiled how to do makeover as if one has gone through plastic surgery. As the show progressed on the make-up topic, MC Leeteuk of Super Junior, asked SNSD members, “To tell the truth, SNSD looks different before and after putting on make-up, right?“.

Sunny replied allusively, “Of course anyone will be different (before and after make-up). But they are truly goddesses (of make-up)”, bringing laughter to the set as SNSD is quite known for their pretty no-makeup face, like Tiffany or Sooyoung. However, Boom suddenly added, “For me, Hyoyeon is pretty“, leading to a curious atmosphere.

Netizen, who watched Boom sudden compliment to Hyoyeon’s good looks, gave comments like “another selfishness in tv shows by Boom“, “Hyoyeon is (indeed) pretty, right?“, “will Boom and Hyoyeon form a loveline together in Invincible Youth 2?“, etc.

Boom and Hyoyeon are scheduled together to film Invincible Youth 2. This variety show will be aired on KBS2 TV starting from November 12.

Source + Photo: newsen.com
Translation: myself


One comment

  1. liz · October 2, 2012

    Hyoyeon and Boom!!!! :)) 😉 <3333

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