The SuperShow: In Indonesia? They Will, But Dunno When

Another good news for Indonesian ELFs. In another conversation with Indonesian young diva, Agnes Monica (@agnezmo), through Twitter; Choi Siwon (@siwon407) stated that they will go to Indonesia, but they still don’t know when.

So my message for Indonesian ELF is start saving up your money and start praying for a persevering promoter, since I know that SuperShow is quite complicated on the preparation. Oh, and please don’t be jealous with Agnes Monica, she deserves all the attention given by Choi Siwon. I mean, at least she got more followers than him on Twitter.

And Agnes, just persuade Siwon so that you two can come out of the closet about your relationship. *evil grin*


The Cancellation: CNBLUE 2011 Indonesia Concert Official Statements

Well, this morning start as usual. Then suddenly I got the urge to search for YongSeo couple clips on YouTube. And the unexpected happens. In my Twitter timeline suddenly there are talks about the cancellation of CNBLUE’s 2011 Asia Tour Concert in Indonesia. Being a good audience, I don’t want to trust the talks without facts. So I did some research and inquiry to my fellow K-Pop fans. And one of them come with this.

Well, it’s from official website of CNBLUE and is basically written in Hangeul. But I know some of the words, and as soon as I read the “취소” in the first sentence I know it’s not a good news. That “취소” means cancel, and using the help of reliably unreliable Google Translate, I soon found out what the notice is about.

So basically the main points of that announcement are:
1st sentence – “The 26 November 2011 CNBLUE Asia Tour concert in Indonesia is cancelled.”
2nd paragraph – “The Indonesian promoter violates the contract and FNC MUSIC can’t be ready for the show due to lack of trust. The requirements for the performance has not been met by the promoter.” (I’m not sure of my understanding of the second sentence)
3rd paragraph – “I know that this decision will disappoint the local fans of CNBLUE who has been waiting for this. I am terribly sorry for causing this disappointment.
4th paragraph – “To all the Indonesian fans who has been waiting for the show, I would like to say my apologies. If the problem with the local promoter has been resolved, we will promise to do a concert in Indonesia.”
5th paragraph – “Due to the cancellation of the show, once again I apologize.”

Well. That’s that. Now we just have to wait for the official statement from the promoter. Credits to Dito for the heads-up.

=== UPDATE ===

The local promoter, Starlight, has released official statement regarding the cancellation of CNBLUE 2011 Asia Tour Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to them, “During the preparation period of this event, we have tried to fulfill requirements and requests of the artist’s management (FNC MUSIC )  which often change at the last minutes. “, they continued, “We have done our best so that this concert could proceed as planned, by trying to fulfill all conditions and options which have given until D-3 of the concert. But in the end, the artist’s management still decided to stop all preparation and cancel this concert.”

The Indonesian promoter then ended their official statement with remarks of apology, “We, as promoter, apologize deeply for this incident. Especially to those who have been disadvantaged morally and materially, such as the fans, media, and sponsors. We are fully responsible for those who have bought the ticket for the concert. Refund mechanism of the ticket money will be announced as soon as possible.”

My opinion? First, FNC MUSIC should tell the Indonesian fans about the “requirements” that can’t be fulfilled by Starlight. After that’s exposed, I’ll say my words. Until then, it’s no one’s fault. Sometimes shit just happens.

The Contemplations: The Weak Man and The Noble Lady.

Sometimes, a lady can be so beautiful that their radiance is actually keeping gents from coming close. You, my dear, is one of those ladies.

Sometimes, a gent is confident enough to approach such lady, unknowingly being the first to come close. I, milady, am not one of those gents. Yet.

You, milady, have the riches, the position, and much higher view of society. While I, well, am simply ordinary man contemplating about you.

If our life was tales of children’s bedtime, I would gladly offer my companionship. Alas, this is the real world we’re living on, is it not?

“Flowers need water, girls need love and compliments, men need to feel strong. –simple”, you quoted. Ah, sweet words milady, sweet words. Simple as they are. But of course, simple is obviously a subjective adjective. And I beg to differ.

Men need to feel strong. That I concur. But your presence never fails to wane mine. As the wise says, men wilt before women.

Milady, we are strangers to each other; with me knowing so little of you from the words and pictures scattered in this realm of infinite bounds, and having a perfect anonymity with you. Alongside my song for your absolution, I admit of my fondness to you; yet what is my confession but a congregation of words.

For now, I still do not have the heart, nor the riches, to construct the bridge. But if God gave consent, we will find “us”, together. I would sincerely hope, well, I don’t think I have anything yet to be hoped for, haven’t I? Thus, ends my complacent sentiment of our non-existent acquaintance. Thank you.

[NEWS] Boom Showed His Selfishness Towards Hyoyeon! Possible Loveline for “Invincible Youth 2”?

On November 5, SBS aired the Star King – Amazing Competition which invited “Make-up Goddess”, Kim Bo Bae and Park Soo Hye. They unveiled how to do makeover as if one has gone through plastic surgery. As the show progressed on the make-up topic, MC Leeteuk of Super Junior, asked SNSD members, “To tell the truth, SNSD looks different before and after putting on make-up, right?“.

Sunny replied allusively, “Of course anyone will be different (before and after make-up). But they are truly goddesses (of make-up)”, bringing laughter to the set as SNSD is quite known for their pretty no-makeup face, like Tiffany or Sooyoung. However, Boom suddenly added, “For me, Hyoyeon is pretty“, leading to a curious atmosphere.

Netizen, who watched Boom sudden compliment to Hyoyeon’s good looks, gave comments like “another selfishness in tv shows by Boom“, “Hyoyeon is (indeed) pretty, right?“, “will Boom and Hyoyeon form a loveline together in Invincible Youth 2?“, etc.

Boom and Hyoyeon are scheduled together to film Invincible Youth 2. This variety show will be aired on KBS2 TV starting from November 12.

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Translation: myself