The Meaningful Battle: Fast Breaking with Cherrybelle

After a few posts telling my experience with Japan fandom, I will tell you my experience with original Indonesian idols. So there’s a relatively new girl group which consists of nine girls with abundant and different charms one another. You could prolly already know about them, or at least already guessed it from the title. And no, the group’s name is neither “The Battle” nor “Fast Breaking”. If you still couldn’t guess the group’s name after my last sentence, it’s either you didn’t read the title of my blogpost or you’re simply ignorant. Yup, the cuteness loaded girl group is Cherrybelle.*woot* *woot*

So well, the date was August 14, 2011. A VERY MEANINGFUL DATE to me from now on. At that time the moslems have already entered the holy month of Ramadhan, meaning that they have to fast from sunrise until sunset (CMIIW on this). Thus, some Twibies and Twiboys (nicknames for the fans of Chibi, which is the nickname for Cherrybelle), worked together and presented an fast breaking event in Jakarta to bond Twibies with each other, also together with the Chibi themselves. Please do note that by fast breaking, I mean to eat after fasting, not doing a long range quick pass in basketball.

Nope, definitely not this.

Basically something like this. Or at least kinda look like this.

So I arrived at OBeKitchen, Rawamangun (which was the venue) alone. So I promptly called my friend Mawan who bought the pass for me, to meet me in front of the venue. After I registered in the booth outside, Mawan guided me to his seat. Very fortunately, his seat was the front most seat in the venue! Why was this so fortunate? Dude, I’d be sitting beside him. What that means? You do the math. Hahaha.

Anyway, while waiting for Cherrybelle to come, we were copying some SNSD ISO files. Yep, we just couldn’t leave those other 9 from Korea. Hahaha. As the time went by, OBeKitchen started to be full of Twibies and Twiboys. Apparently, the fans weren’t only from Jakarta. Some even came from other islands, such as Sulawesi and Sumatra. Kudos to them. The good thing was Twibi Bandung also came which just added people that I know, so that I could chat some more while waiting for Chibi to arrive at the venue.

Left-right: Big Boss Lola, Turkish Camel Bima, and myself.

The event started with Chibi’s producers, Mr. Dino & Mr. Teguh, explaining to us about the history of Cherrybelle. But somehow the topic abruptly changed in the middle of discussion. Too bad, I actually wanted to know about the order the members got into Cherrybelle. Well, not so long after that Cherrybelle arrived and took the seat in front of the venue.  Did I mention that I got one of the front-most seat? Well, to give you an idea, my distance to Chibi was not greater than 10 meters. The closest member even only like 3 or 4 meters away from me. I could really see them UP CLOSE. And my gawd, they’re so gorgeous!! *falls in love with each member*

This close! And, no I wasn’t zooming. I actually have to lean backward at extreme angle so that all members of Cherrybelle could fit in this picture.

Well the event started with a door prize lucky draw. My draw number was 74 and another Twibi’s was 76. And two of the numbers drawed by Chibi were 75 and 77. Imagine how frustated we were! I even unconsciously said the “F” word, quite loud I guess, since I think one of Chibi retorted back with “Eh!!”. *sowwie* One of the lucky guys was none other than my friend, Mawan. But he only participated a little in the games! Why, Mawan, why?!?! The winner was a little girl, who danced to Chibi‘s “Beautiful” with quite exact moves, tho kinda expressionless. Hahaha.

Cherrybelle with the winner girl! And she’s still expressionless in here. xD
I have to take 2 pics since I couldn’t fit them all in 1 shot. Told you I was CLOSE.

After the games, if I’m not mistaken, Chibi gave some talks. And then they performed one of their song, “Beautiful“. By this time, I already remembered the lyrics since their songs were continuously played on loop when we were waiting for them to come. And since I was in front, and was singing along with great spirit, one of their members, Christy, spotted me and said to the mic, “Nih kayanya ada yang udah afal banget nih!” (rough trans: “I think we got someone who already memorized the lyrics”). And as I hoped that she meant me, she really walked towards me, looked at me, and when the chorus came, she gave me the mic!! And the scene went like this:

Me: (singing) You are beautiful~
Christy: Makasih! (trans: Thank you)
Me: (singing) Beautiful~
Christy: Makasih! (trans: Thank you)
Me: (still singing) Beautiful~ Kamu cantik, cantik, dari hatimu~
Christy: Waa, makasih banget yaa! (trans: Woo, thanks a lot!)

And she said all those lines with her oh-so-soothing voice, while staring looking at me with her oh-so-lovely eyes. When she took the mic away to sing again, I was breathless already. She took all my oxygen away. Well, okay, not all, I’d be dead if she did. Hahaha.

After they performed, it was time for the Moslem’s to break their fast. And so Anisa and Christy led the prayers to break the fast. It’s actually quite amusing how well versed Christy was saying those prayers. *charmed* Then one by one Twibies & Twiboys queued up to take the meals. At this time, Cherrybelle suddenly rushed forward and greeted the fans personally! Being in front, I was one of the first fans to be greeted, and I still remember that the first Chibi who greeted me was Cherly and then Wenda. To surprise me even more, when we got up to take our meals, all of Cherrybelle members actually came by and took a random seat, and basically ate together with the fans.

It’s not enough for them to sit so close to us, and they got even CLOSER!! Still remember how lucky Mawan was? Well, he got even more lucky. His seat was taken by Wenda! Sure he couldn’t sit, but he got all the reason to be close to her at that time! Mawan, you lucky bastard! Even some Chibi already recognized him, tho most mispronounced his name to Marwan. Hahaha. I was actually accompanying him standing, since another fan took my seat. Since I’m a cool person, I let him to seat and enjoy himself. After a few minutes standing, I got a seat. And when I sat and started to eat, I realized that I had the best seat of the house. Why? Because Wenda was sitting on my left and Devi was on my right! Devi even asked, “Eh, baru makan sekarang?” (rough trans: Eh? You only eat now?). How sweet of her. *starting to melt*

Two pics of Wenda. My gawd she’s so beautiful.
Me with Chibi‘s dancing machine, Gigi. She’s my favorite member!!
Devi‘s at the far back. xD

After we stuffed ourselves with the meals (it’s quite delicious actually, the “sambel kecap” rocked!), we were asked to sit in our own seats by the MC. Then came the moment of truth. The interview session. I already made up my mind that I have to make some memories here, so I just raised my hand when the opportunity came. Thankfully, tho the MCs were kinda looking somewhere else, some Chibi noticed me and said to the MC to give the first opportunity to me. I could only say “FUCK FUN YEAH!” in my heart that time! Hahaha.

Cherrybelle with the producers in the interview session.

So I went forward, and I asked a simple question to Gigi. I asked, “Which do you like more? Jabbawockeez or Quest Crew? And what’s the reason?”. I knew already that her favorite crew of ABDC is IaMmE Crew, so I asked her to choose between two of my favorites. She answered Quest Crew because of the tutting, while she answered a Chibi asked her to demonstrate the moves. Thus she came forward and explained various dance moves by doing it. After that my turn was basically over, but as she walked back to the seat, I encouraged myself to say, “Klo gitu kapan-kapan kita battle ya.” (rough trans: Then next time we should battle.). Unexpectedly, Chibi‘s reacting so quick and told me to battle with Gigi at that very moment! My thought at that time? God must be giving me too much luck today. *woot woot* My answer? Hell yeah! So me and Gigi stood up and faced each other, waiting for the music to be played.

Curious about how the battle proceeded? Well, see for yourself. xD

I AM SO THRILLED WITH THAT!!! Even now, I’m always giggling like a five year old seeing that clip. Gigi called me to start first, so I started with simple moves and ended it with a mini-flip. She retorted with some krumping, popping, and finished it with one handed freeze. I then flipped out my waves. She fought back also with popping. Wanting to do something more, I tried to do a freeze, which was a fail actually. Hahaha. After that, SOMEHOW, Cherly came out! She danced, while WALKING towards me. I could only rode the wave and danced with her, club-like. Then she unexpectedly launched a high kick and SPLIT! Damn, she knows that it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to do split. Hahaha. As I was thinking on how to retort back, Chibi and the crowd were cheering for Angel to come out. She really came out and did the sexy dance not more than 1 meter in front of me! Knowing that the song’s gonna end soon, I went out on my last set, doing a little six-step and topped it off with a clockwise.

Phew! That was very, very tiring. I mean, look at me (the guy in black tee, if you still haven’t recognized me yet), I am BIG! Even if Felly and Ryn are weighed together, I’ll still be heavier. That’s why I always prefer to do upper moves like waves. Hahaha. But trust me, that dance battle was one of the best 4 minutes of my life!!

After the interview, there’s a photo session with the members, but the Twibies and Twiboys were so excited that I didn’t have any room to take pictures with the members. I honestly wanted to say that this could be my last time seeing them, but I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s joy so I just stayed still and chatted with my friends instead. Other than that, I was busy finding a way to buy their mini-album, because there’d be a signing session later. With the help of Mr. Teguh and some friendly staffs, I managed to buy 3 mini-albums (other 2 are for my friends in Korea) and stacked ‘em on the soon-to-be signed mini-albums.

Left-right: Gigi, Angel, Cherly. The ones who defeated my heart me  in the battle.
Left-right: Anisa, Ryn, Felly. Gotta love Ryn’s face in this pic. xD
Left-right: Devi, Christy, Wenda. Them smiles melted your heart right away, didn’t they.

Finally it’s time to end the event as Cherrybelle has to go to shoot their FTV. The final session was a group photo session. It was divided to Chibi with Twibies and Chibi with Twiboys. When it was Twiboys turn, as I moved close, Cherly noticed me and said, “Men, elo, asik!” (rough trans: “Dude, you, are, cool!”). Stunned by her words, I could only reply, “Elo, juga, asik!” (rough trans: “You, are, cool, also!”).

And with the end of the group photo session, it was a wrap for the event. It was a great event! I made some new friends, and befriend with the rumoured Chibi‘s 10th member, Cheuw. Hahaha. She really got her way with Chibi. A very skillful master of cunningness.

In my point of view, this event was a VERY MEANINGFUL event to me. Not only because I managed to live my dream of dance battling with Gigi and seeing Cherrybelle in person. But also because that this event might be my LAST event with Cherrybelle. Well, at least for the next two years. Why? Because I got a Master’s degree scholarship and will study in South Korea, from September 2011 to March 2013. And I’m not planning to go back to Indonesia during my study. Thus rendering me impossible to see Cherrybelle in person after this event. T_T

But I will keep on supporting Cherrybelle with my all I could! I will become the first(?) K-Twiboys and I will gladly spearhead the advancement of Cherrybelle in South Korea. For now, I think Cherrybelle has already got 3 K-Twiboys including me, but with that kind of potential, I’m positive that many will fall in love with your charms, uniquely to each one of you. And with that in mind, I’ll be praying for all of you. If it’s not too much too ask, please also pray for me for my study and life in here.


LQ photos are credited to me. xD
HQ Photos with cheuwlicious watermark are credited to Cheuw.
YouTube clip is fully credited to Cheuw. Except for the moves.

The Dream-Come-True: Dream Morning Musume Fanmeet

This post is a continuance of the previous post. It took me quite very long time to write this, since I have to wait for official photos from CLAS:H to put pictures in this blogpost.

So it was on July 25, the very next day of the concert. But this time, Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika would greet us not as Hangry&Angry, but as members of Dream Morning Musume. Once again, I went to the venue with Yuda. The venue is at Nasi Goreng Kemang. The scheduled time of the fanmeet was on 12 PM. Since we’re afraid (and hoping at the same time) that there’s no seating class, we went quite early and arrived at the venue around 11.30 AM.  By the time we arrived, the venue was still closed and we’re told to wait at nearby McDonalds. The Japanese fans were already inside and apparently they didn’t feel right and came out to say sorry, but since they’re the guest in our country, we said that we’re okay with that and told them to wait inside the venue.

A few french fries (and a beef burger) later, we’re told to go to the venue by Mr. Ki of Nagaraja. And so we queued up nicely, giving example that Indonesian COULD actually queue. And after a little wait, the door was opened and we entered and registered one by one.

Entering the venue. The man in blue shirt is Yuda. =P

The VIP and VVIP ticket holders were to enter first and choose their own seat. And of course, they chose the front-most seats.

The VVIPs and VIPs taking their seats.

Then 1st Class and K1 ticket holders were told to enter, but as I remembered, there’s none of them in the queue. K2 ticket holders were next, and luckily I got a seat right in the middle, so nothing’s obstructing my view to the stage.

I am the one in the brown batik shirt.

After all of the attendees were seated, the MC greeted us and after some chit-chats, she told us that the drinks were free and we could help ourselves to it. “Free” has a very good ring to it and since it’s Jakarta, it’s super hot. So all of us got up from our seats and rushed to the drinks dispenser.

View of the venue from the back. The girl at the very front is (obviously) the MC.

Refreshed by the drinks (tho the orange juice was too concentrated, making me even more thirsty), we sat again, and then the MC greeted us once again. This time, she also announced that Up-Front Agency was quite surprised with our vigorous welcome spirit to Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika. Thus, they also made a surprise for the fans who have gathered. This was the surprise: They played the Dream Morning Musume Concert DVD for us! And they told us that Indonesian fans (along with Japanese fans who attended) were the FIRST group of fans EVER to watch it! A GREAT HONOR FOR US!!! THANK YOU UFA!!!

Knowing that we just couldn’t take it anymore. As the songs from the concert keep playing, we joined forces with the Japanese fans and did what Hello!Project fans would do: WOTAGEI!!!

Hats off to the elder fans! Age didn’t stop them to do what they really want to do.

After a few songs and powerful wotagei moves, the MC told us to sit because Ishikawa Rika and Yoshizawa Hitomi would soon come to the stage. And those words were true, to the core. Not long after we were back at our seats and busy catching our breath, the side door opened, and from it came two gorgeous ladies who are the 4th generation members of Morning Musume.


Those two gorgeous ladies I’m talking about.

Yossy with her casual pale green t-shirt and blue jeans. Rika with a casual dress which gave out spring feeling. When they came out, I promptly pulled out a photobook (Kago-Nono Grad Concert PB) that I brought with me, flipped the pages for Rika, and when I got it I showed it. She obviously saw it as she suddenly giggled in (a very cute) embarrassed manner. I also showed Yossy‘s but she was so composed and only gave me a smirk.

The MC asked about how they feel in Jakarta, and Yossy said that Jakarta was very hot! But our cheers were able to overcome the heat thus making her more spirited. A funny thing happened when Rika was asked a question and we cheered loudly at her answer. She then asked in a confused manner if we really understood what she said. Her expression at that time was just too cute. After a few questions, they were leaving the stage to prepare for a performance later on.

A really strange thing happened when I waved at them as they went backstage. My throat got dried up, my chest felt like it’s closing in, and my eyes were hot. A split second later, I cried. I literally cried. I really didn’t know why, I just cried. Apparently I cried quite much since my friends told me that my face was so red when I told them I was crying.

But the Concert DVD was playing one more time so I went to the back with some tears still lingering in the corner of my eyes. And we did our fair share of Wotagei once more.

The banners we brought. Credits to members of MMI who created it.

After a few songs, the MC then called RikaYossy back on stage once more. They did another interview, and one of the question was “Since some members of DoriMusu are already married, what is your ideal type of guy?”. If I’m not mistaken, Rika‘s answer was a kind guy. While Yossy‘s answer was a guy with strength. At her answer, I rolled up my sleeve and flexed my bicep, tho my bicep muscle is pretty much covered with fat. xD

But to my amusement, Yossy looked at me, flexed her bicep, and pointed at me. At that time, I was so sure that she’s a wizard. Just by pointing at me, she made me weak and all fluttery. But it’s either she’s a wizard, or I was just too carried away with her reaction.

A few chats later, they told us that they’d be performing a song from UFA. And they sung UFA’s post-quake song “Ai wa Katsu“. Being struck by this song after the quake, we quickly sang together with them. And once again, Indonesian fans took them by surprise. Yossy and Rika were obviously surprised and excited that we could follow them singing “Ai wa Katsu“. Along the song, they both sometimes look at each other with what I called wow-they-know-this-song-too expression. And at the end of the song, we shouted “Ganbarou! Nippon!”, and as expected they were also taken aback by that.

Yossy and Rika in the 2nd Interview session.
The girl in the wheelchair is Rika’s Japanese fan. Salutations.

The funny thing was that near the end of the song, I couldn’t help myself but to feel extremely happy by the fact that all these years I’ve been dreaming to see them in real life and now there they were, standing on a stage no farther than 5 meters away from me. All that happiness suddenly rushed into me, so much that I couldn’t contain it. It overflowed out of me, taking form of tears. And the magical thing happened: I wept. I wept so much, almost like a 5 years old. The more I tried to stop, the more tears flowed. When the song ended, my eyes were already filled with tears that my vision got blurred. As I lowered my head to wipe my tears, suddenly I heard Rika’s voice. “Nakanaide”. I instantly raised my head, and yes, she’s looking at me. She actually asked me not to cry. Ishikawa Rika, a member of Dream Morning Musume, personally told me not to cry.

Tell me:

But after a while my emotion was stabilized. I could control myself and think clearly. And by that time, the fanmeet session has come to an end. And UFA surprised us once again by holding a hand-shake session while each of us went out of the venue. So I went, still half sniffing, and I really shook hands with both Yossy and Rika! Yossy‘s hands were so delicate, as delicate as her fair skin. While Rika was rather on the strong side, matching her more tanned complexion.

Yossy and Rika during the hand-shake session.

As I went out, my friend Vicky was waiting for me, knowing that -at that time- I was emotionally unstable. And she guessed it right, right after I saw her, I hugged her, and once again, tears came out. Surprisingly, for me, after I regained control of myself, I saw quite some people were also in tears.

It’s funny how you could create a domino effect of emotion. But I am so sure, that all the tears we’ve teared that day, they were surely Tears of Happiness.

And that day, July 25, 2011, will always be etched in my memories. As the day when universe helped me to live a long lost dream. The day to remind me that a dream, no matter how impossible it seems, can be achieved if we have faith in it.

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