The Airport: Naoki Drachen, Alodia, and Yossy-Rika.

If you haven’t known already, Jakarta got the opportunity to be the host of CLAS:H – Cosplay Live Action Show Hybrid. It’s an international cosplay competition which this time, also features a concert by Hangry & Angry.

Since I like to watch cosplays (plus I’m a fan of Alodia) and I’m also a fan of Morning Musume, I just couldn’t let myself to leave any moment that I could devour. Thus, me and some of my friends from Morning Musume Indonesia decided to go to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to welcome Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika.

So, on July 23, I went to the airport with Shiro21, we got into airport around 11 AM. As informed in MMI before, the All Nippon Airways plane, code-numbered NH937, would arrive approximately at 2.45 PM. So we waited in the airport.

As we waited a group of people came by, and we found out that some of them were CLAS:H officials, currently escorting Naoki Drachen in the airport while waiting for Alodia Gosiengfiao to arrive. Some MMI members got to take pictures with Naoki Drachen and Pinky LuXun, I wanted to take a picture with Naoki Drachen but I simply didn’t get the moment and I was too shy to create one. =P

Well, around 12 PM, Alodia arrived and knowing that she plays StarCraft, I shouted “En Taro Adun, Alodia!”. She’s so cute that she exceeded my expectation. If I wasn’t misheard, she shyly said that she still didn’t put any make-up on when we took pictures and swarmed her like a Zerg rush.

Alodia Gosiengfiao arrival at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
Fantaken photo by me (meneer_van_kodoq @ MMI)

After that we waited some more and decided to put up our welcoming banner on the railings where people usually wait for arrivals. We put up two banners, one welcoming them as Hangry&Angry, and another as Dream Morning Musume. As we waited, we could see that the promoters for Hangry&Angry busily went in and out of the arrival gate. This made me really excited and nervous, my heart was thumping so hard.

And when I saw one of the promoters went out of the arrival gate while talking on walkie-talkie (or a device resembling it), I knew that Yossy and Rika were going to come out after him. And when they really came out, without any second thought I shouted as loud as I can, “YOSSY!!!”. Then both of them walked right in front of us. I was seriously stunned. Yoshizawa Hitomi was so cool, wearing casual blue t-shirt and white long pants, while Ishikawa Rika was chic, wearing all-black outfit. They both sported glasses, but Rika wore black rim glasses with clear lens, contrasting Yossy, who wore sunglasses (which added up her coolness). Did I say I was stunned? Well, I will say it again, because I WAS STUNNED. Have you ever played DoTA? Well, if you have, I felt like Sven just threw his Storm Bolt at me. There I was, planning to wave and keep on shouting their names, but no, I was heated up but promptly frozen, maybe like a piss in the middle of Antarctica.

Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
Fantaken photo by @infzer0 (H!O Singapore)

After I regained my consciousness (along with the welcoming party), we hurriedly rushed out to follow them to their van, which has been waiting at the parking lot. I think that at that time we’re running to get in front of them, so that we could see them more. But, somehow some of us couldn’t get past them. If it’s DoTA, I am sure that one of them got Degen Aura while another was wearing Shiva’s Guard. We followed them until they got in their van and once again held our welcoming banners. And then we watched them leaving us.

But not an ounce of disappointment felt. It was my first time seeing former Morning Musume member in person, and tho I could only see them like that, it’s PRICELESS.

Arrival of Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
Fancam by DragonicLaguna @ MMI

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  1. Naoki Drachen · August 2, 2011

    you should try to ask me next time XD

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