The Gothic Princesses: Hangry & Angry 1st Live Performance in Indonesia

Continuing my previous post, on Sunday, July 24, I went to church in the morning so that I could go early to CLAS:H event at Balai Kartini. I kept on praying that everything would go smoothly as hoped.

I went to Balai Kartini at 2 PM with my friend Yuda. Since we’re riding on a motorcycle and I’ve noted down the fastest route, we got into the venue at around 3 PM. When we entered the venue, the 1st Floor was already full with cosplayers. I won’t rant about the cosplayers in this post, but some cosplayers were really good. My favorites are Ezio Auditore of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Trafalgar Law and Bepo of One Piece, Xing Cai and Yue Ying of Dynasty Warriors, Master Chief of Halo, and short-haired Stocking of Panty&Stocking w/ Garterbelt.

After a quick look on the 1st Floor, we went up to the 2nd Floor where Morning Musume Indonesia got a booth, beside I No Arashi‘s. We waited for some more as the 2nd Floor got more crowded with people and cosplayers who wanted to attend the Cosplay Competition. Around this time crews of Nagaraja came and opened up a booth selling Hangry & Angry goodies. The goodies sold were t-shirts, albums, tote bags, photocards, bromides (I guess), fans, posters, and guitar-pick necklaces. The prices were considerably inexpensive, but I could only buy one poster despite my urge to buy the album (TWO albums for IDR 250.000!!!). The poster, with only IDR 50.000 price tag, turned us into hungry wolves which was given juicy meat! It quickly drew a long line of queue and was sold out in less then 10 minutes.

After that some of us, including me, went outside to find something to eat. Yes, we were hungry. We found a small place to eat, but it took quite some time walking there. So when we headed back to Balai Kartini, me and my friend, Arin, decided to buy donuts. Just in case.

A few hours gone by and the Cosplay Competition was over. As the cosplayers came out of the room, we (MMI and InA) were busy closing down our booths. And since no event would be complete without taking pictures, we decided to gather around to take a picture of both fandom. Surprisingly, as we took pictures of us, a man with a camcorder, who was suspected to be a UFA crew, keep on recording us. Then Mr. Ki of Nagaraja told us to shout “Hangry! Angry!”, so we did. And we did it too excitedly that we almost forgot that we had to save our energy for the performance. Hahaha.

Morning Musume Indonesia with I no Arashi @ CLAS:H
Photo by murasaki @ MMI

Since we already suspected that a UFA crew was recording what we’re doing, I thought that we might as well do the chant that Hello! Project artists used to do when they’re going to perform. So I asked all of the members to form a circle, and being fans, we already knew that we’re gonna do the “Dancing! Singing! Exciting!” chant. It was great! The circle was quite big and I knew that we shouted “Dancing! Singing! Exciting!” from our lungs! Hopefully it was recorded and UFA can see how excited we are to have UFA artists in here.

Me, being appointed to lead the chant.
Photo by lancer_evolution @ MMI

Then came the moment that we’ve been waiting for. The doors for the performance of Hangry & Angry was opened. Having only tribune ticket, some of us opted to stay outside of queue and waited until all but us were in. When we finally entered the room, we were told to go to the farthest seat back, which we deserved. And so we went to the back and tried to pick a seat in the middle of the row. But near the start of the performance, the officials decided to push the audience forward to fill in the empty seats in VIP/1st Class section. And so we rushed forward to be nearer to the stage. Thanks to that, I felt 1st Class with only IDR 100.000. YAY!!

Choky Sitohang greeted us as the MC and I have to say that he was quite an MC. I bet he didn’t know shit about Hangry & Angry, or if he knew, it gotta be very limited. But he handled the starving crowd very well. He introduced the opening act for Hangry & Angry that night, Honey Beats. Quite a good choice, since they cooled down the venue with their music, which were mostly loungy. One of my friend, Bamz, got touched so deep with their music that he fell asleep. Hahaha.

After them, came the moment of truth. The FIRST, EVER, performance of Hangry & Angry in Indonesia. They came on stage with their Reconquista outfit.

Hangry & Angry on stage
Photo by MakoPYON. More photos at his blog.

And here’s the performance list (thanks to gwbiasaaja @ MMI):
1. Reconquista. As expected with their outfit. They really used handcuffs and megaphones for this performance.
2. Top Secret. We shouted “TOP SECRET!” as loud as we could here.

MC Segment 1.
Yossy seemed to be quite surprised that most of us could sing along to both Reconquista and Top Secret. If I’m not mistaken, she even asked us (in Japanese), “The song is new. How did you know that song?”, she continued, “Do you know it from internet?”. Most of us being stupefied by their presence could only cheer as a response. And Yossy replied, “Sugoi desu ne”. Then Rika came and announced the title for the next song.

3. Angelia. Things were heating up. We began chanting “L-O-V-E. LOVELY YOSSY/RIKA”. And I started to jump and clap.
4. Lady Madonna. They used fans in this perf. My gawd, Rika really knew how to dance seductively! Everytime she went down, the crowd went crazy! And they threw their fans to the fans (pun intended) near the end! Lucky are those who got the fans!
5. Sadistic Dance. THE FIRST SONG I KNEW FROM THE SONGLIST! I went as crazy as I could be: jumping, shouting, you name it. No rest at all for this song.

MC Segment 2
Yossy shouted, “JAKARTA SAIKOU!” and of course we responded with loud shouts! Then, if I’m not mistaken, she said that Jakarta is hot, but she is impressed with the high-spirited crowd who came to watch them. Then Rika, Charmy as she is, suddenly shouted, “SAYA SUKA NASI GORENG!”, to which we loudly cheered on. She continued on with “SAYA SUKA MI GORENG!” and I guess Yossy, being curious, asked Rika about her shouts and Rika seemingly told her to just try it. Thus, Yossy shouted, “SAYA SUKA NASI GORENG!”. Hahahaha. Then they got together and shouted, “SAYA SUKA JAKARTA!”, which of course drew another hot response from us. Lastly, they held out and read a letter, which suprisingly in Indonesian:

Yossy: “Halo Jakarta.” (YAAYY!!!) ” Terima kasi tera memanggiru Hangry & Angry ke Jakaruta” (YAAYY!!!)
Rika: “Murai sekarangu, kami mau konsaato di banyak tempat di depan karian” (YAAAYYY!!!)

6. Mr. Monkey. They addressed the crowd! They pointed their fingers continuously at us! Everyone started to tell that either Yossy or Rika were pointing at them. Hahaha.
7. Romantic ni Violence. I was catching my breath at this time.
8. The Peace. A song which every Momusu fan should know! I got pumped right back on! Shouting “Peace, Peace!” and other chants for the song!

The Peace was their last song. But knowing Hello! Project, we all shouted “Encore! Encore! Encore!”. And as expected, they came back on stage, and did:

9. Kiss Me, Kill Me. YAAAAYYY!!! A superb finish! I went all out! Expending all energy I got left in me. Hahahaha.

Well, after their performance, the VVIP ticket holders were given chance to take pictures together and do hand-shake with them. I just waited outside with fellow tribune ticket holders. Hahaha. After our VVIP ticket holders friends got out of the hand-shake room, we got together with the Japanese fans who also came and attended Hangry & Angry performance to take picture together. Kudos for the Japanese fans and us!! I hope the bond between Indonesian and Japanese fans of Hello! Project will get stronger and stronger by the days!

And after I got back in my house, I couldn’t help myself but to get excited for the fan-meet on Monday.

Btw, for Indonesian fans, here’s an article about them in


The Airport: Naoki Drachen, Alodia, and Yossy-Rika.

If you haven’t known already, Jakarta got the opportunity to be the host of CLAS:H – Cosplay Live Action Show Hybrid. It’s an international cosplay competition which this time, also features a concert by Hangry & Angry.

Since I like to watch cosplays (plus I’m a fan of Alodia) and I’m also a fan of Morning Musume, I just couldn’t let myself to leave any moment that I could devour. Thus, me and some of my friends from Morning Musume Indonesia decided to go to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to welcome Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika.

So, on July 23, I went to the airport with Shiro21, we got into airport around 11 AM. As informed in MMI before, the All Nippon Airways plane, code-numbered NH937, would arrive approximately at 2.45 PM. So we waited in the airport.

As we waited a group of people came by, and we found out that some of them were CLAS:H officials, currently escorting Naoki Drachen in the airport while waiting for Alodia Gosiengfiao to arrive. Some MMI members got to take pictures with Naoki Drachen and Pinky LuXun, I wanted to take a picture with Naoki Drachen but I simply didn’t get the moment and I was too shy to create one. =P

Well, around 12 PM, Alodia arrived and knowing that she plays StarCraft, I shouted “En Taro Adun, Alodia!”. She’s so cute that she exceeded my expectation. If I wasn’t misheard, she shyly said that she still didn’t put any make-up on when we took pictures and swarmed her like a Zerg rush.

Alodia Gosiengfiao arrival at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
Fantaken photo by me (meneer_van_kodoq @ MMI)

After that we waited some more and decided to put up our welcoming banner on the railings where people usually wait for arrivals. We put up two banners, one welcoming them as Hangry&Angry, and another as Dream Morning Musume. As we waited, we could see that the promoters for Hangry&Angry busily went in and out of the arrival gate. This made me really excited and nervous, my heart was thumping so hard.

And when I saw one of the promoters went out of the arrival gate while talking on walkie-talkie (or a device resembling it), I knew that Yossy and Rika were going to come out after him. And when they really came out, without any second thought I shouted as loud as I can, “YOSSY!!!”. Then both of them walked right in front of us. I was seriously stunned. Yoshizawa Hitomi was so cool, wearing casual blue t-shirt and white long pants, while Ishikawa Rika was chic, wearing all-black outfit. They both sported glasses, but Rika wore black rim glasses with clear lens, contrasting Yossy, who wore sunglasses (which added up her coolness). Did I say I was stunned? Well, I will say it again, because I WAS STUNNED. Have you ever played DoTA? Well, if you have, I felt like Sven just threw his Storm Bolt at me. There I was, planning to wave and keep on shouting their names, but no, I was heated up but promptly frozen, maybe like a piss in the middle of Antarctica.

Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
Fantaken photo by @infzer0 (H!O Singapore)

After I regained my consciousness (along with the welcoming party), we hurriedly rushed out to follow them to their van, which has been waiting at the parking lot. I think that at that time we’re running to get in front of them, so that we could see them more. But, somehow some of us couldn’t get past them. If it’s DoTA, I am sure that one of them got Degen Aura while another was wearing Shiva’s Guard. We followed them until they got in their van and once again held our welcoming banners. And then we watched them leaving us.

But not an ounce of disappointment felt. It was my first time seeing former Morning Musume member in person, and tho I could only see them like that, it’s PRICELESS.

Arrival of Yoshizawa Hitomi & Ishikawa Rika at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
Fancam by DragonicLaguna @ MMI