Today’s Package: The Box, The Stuff Inside, & The Bag

So it was around 2PM (sing: Again & Again) today and I was rolling around on my bed, laughing at the antics of Arashi (sing: A.RA.SHI) on my laptop. Yeah, I was watching their variety show called Himitsu no Arashi-chan, thanks to Vicky (@luckypurple). And suddenly a courier came and told the housekeeper that he got a package for me. And it’s from Gasoo Galore (@gasoogalore).

The package just arrived.

“AH! This should be IT”, I yelled in my heart. And thus, I opened it up with all my heart. Enjoy the pics as I unraveled the stuffs inside the package.

Unpackaged – 1st Step
SNSD – Japan First Album Boxset

Yes! This is IT! My very own SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition, which I pre-ordered since end of May. *dance around* *play Mr.Taxi*

A small photocard + some postcard which I presume is to be used for fanmeet or concert ticket application.
Front look of the boxset.
The boxset viewed from upper side.
Side view of the boxset.
Opening the boxset. Apparently there are 3 more items inside the boxset.
The 3 items inside the box: A smaller box, a photo booklet, and the CD-DVD case.
A closer look of the CD/DVD and photo booklet.

I’m so happy to the fact that three of my favorite members share a page in the photo booklet. Sooyoung is, maybe due to my bias, as stunning as ever; the white dress and set up just make her even more gorgeous. Taeyeon really casts off her dorkiness and transforms into elegant lady; this might sound pervy, but I just love how she confidently struts her asset *whoopsie*. And Hyoyeon, finally she showcases her hidden beauty; her closeup shot is really stunning. Yeah, HyoTaeYoung really compliment each other *woot woot*. Anywho, for those who haven’t downloaded the photobook scans, I put up some links on the very end of this post.

You might have noticed that there’s a PVC pipe beside the brown packaging box. If you’ve ever ordered any singles, you should’ve known that the pipe is for the bonus poster. The picture is basically the same with the front look of the boxset, but dramatically larger. So it’s much better for spazzing on our Nine.

SNSD 1st Japan Album bonus poster.

Oh, and if you’re a SoNE, you would know that this set I bought is SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition. And if you’re scrupulous, then you would know there’s one thing missing, something I haven’t showed you guys before this part of post. And if you’ve searched the bonus for Deluxe Edition, you would know that I haven’t posted the picture of the pink small bonus bag.

The pink small glittering bonus bag for SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition.

Being a manly man, I’m obviously not interested in this bonus. I bought this edition for the boxset actually, since it might come in handy for storing other SNSD’s stuffs I have. So I’ll try to find someone who would buy this bag off me, yup, I’m selling the bag. It’s waaaaayyy too cute, too pink, too small, and too glittery for me, some of the glitters even got on my hand as I unpacked the bag from its box. xD

Overall, this SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition is ultimately worth it. I spent IDR 852.000 (approx. USD 100, using Yahoo! Currency Converter) only to order this. Truthfully, I wasn’t going to buy this since it costs a lot for someone with no fixed income like me. But I thought that it’d be a waste not to buy, since I’ve bought almost all of their single (minus Japan ver. of Run Devil Run). So I forced myself to use some money from my savings which I initially intended to use to travel abroad. And when my order came, and I unraveled it, I’m so thankful that I decided to order this. To add to this, it’s always a great feeling knowing that, tho it’s small, I have contributed to support The Nine to achieve greater fame.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here are the links for the photo booklet scans of SNSD Japan First Album:
-> via
-> via (different pics from what I have, prolly different edition)


One comment

  1. sre87 · June 7, 2011

    yeah, you got it,,hehehe omedetou!
    btw, kuduna lu kasih gua itu application,,heu6 biar gw bisa nntn,,sayang kan jadi ga kepake :p

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