SNSD Japan Concert Tour 2011: The Pain, & The Dream

I’m writing this IMBO (In My Biased Opinion) and this could be a bit stinging for a few SoNEs. So feel free to agree, or disagree.

As you already know if you’re a SoNE, SNSD is currently having their Japan Concert tour. And if you’re a SoNE, you would know that their schedule in Japan is jam-packed. It’s so tight that a few SoNE jokingly agreed that their schedule is even tighter than the schedule of US President, Barack Obama.

And with such schedule, it is bound to take a toll on our beloved girls. It is reported that Sooyoung was having a fever while performing The Great Escape-Mr.Taxi medley on Music Station a few days ago. Then Jessica is told to be singing off-key and crying while performing in one of the concert, it’s said that the reason is because she was holding the pain due to her sickness. And lastly, Sunny fainted and had to leave the venue to be driven to hospital, only to come back later and cried.

Seeing our girls fall one by one because of lack of rest, I couldn’t help to be sad and enraged at the same time. I was fast at blaming SM Entertainment, cursing them because they didn’t look after our girls health and put money above the well-being of SNSD. That was when I stumbled upon a writing by a veteran SoNE, discussing about this incident. And then I realized that I was wrong. This incident wasn’t the fault of SM Entertainment. So who’s to blame then? If it’s not the company, then it’d be the artist to be blamed. The answer is there is no one to be blamed, this is NO ONE’s fault.

Why? Because Japanese Concert Tour is their dream. Yes, THIS is their dream. They WANT to do this. And that is all that matters. For them, and for us. Sure we could see they are forcing themselves too much, but let’s look at them in a different point of view.

Watch their Music Station medley performance, was it not Sooyoung who was one of the most energetic and stunning lady there? Read the fan-account of the concerts, was it not Jessica who persevered through-out the concert, holding in her tears as much as she could, with all of strength left in her? Then watch the fan-cam of their Saitama Super Arena concert, was it not Sunny who came back to the venue, crying and apologizing to the fans because she couldn’t give her all for the performance?

It IS heart-wrenching, to look at someone you love (SoNE loves them, right?) pursues her dream with that huge amount of commitment and determination. Up to the point that she’d tire herself so much. But, there’s nothing we could do, except for one crucial thing: SUPPORT.

Our SNSD is trying their best pursuing their dream, giving all they have to reach it. And as SoNE, we should also unite and support them with all we have. Knowing their nature, I bet they’d keep on going even if it means that they’d drag their feet on the floor, and if it ever happened (which I hope it would not), it should be us, SoNEs, who help to lift them up and push them closer to their dream.

But, if because one reason or another they decided to cancel the tour midway, then we all know that it’d also be a good thing for them. So there will be no sad ending at all, IF we keep on supporting them with all our might. I know The Nine trusts SoNE, and we are obliged to have the same amount of trust, if not bigger, in them. If we want to laugh and thrive together with The Nine, we should also be ready to cry and strive together with them. #BeStrongSNSD.


Cyan Thrisvain.
A newbie SoNE from Indonesia.


One comment

  1. lsmn · June 6, 2011

    Nice. So Wise.

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