#FantastiKpopJakarta: My 1st Ever K-Pop Concert.

Okay, time to write for it. If you dunno what the heck is FantastiKpopJakarta (Imma shorten it to FKJ), it was a concert promoted by BlackRock Entertainment with mostly artists from JYPE. The performers are:  miss A2AMJoo, San.E, and Kim Hyung Joon (SS501). At first Lee Hyun (8eight) was going to come, but there’s change at last minute, and he’s substituted by KHJ. 2AM’s Jinwoon didn’t come either because of his solo promotion.

I was lucky enough to win a VIP ticket from KoreanUpdates, that’s why I could come in the first place. Hahaha. I was accompanied by my high-school friend Ayu, who’s also attending the concert. Luckily, we didn’t meet any inconvenience going to the venue by Transjakarta.

When we arrived at the venue at around 3 PM, the queue line for Istora Senayan was already quite long. Tho not as long as what I thought, knowing that the main gate was announced to be open at 12 PM. As we waited, I met with another Ayu and Vicky whom also attending it.

Me, wearing my VIP A class bracelet.

Around 5 PM the gate for the concert hall was opened, and the line started to enter the hall. During the two hours waiting for the show to begin (it’s scheduled to start at 7 PM), I could clearly see that it wasn’t crowded. Festival class only filled up to half, Tribune class was similar, but VIP class fared better with around 75-80% capacity filled. While waiting, I was able to befriend a guy who’s a fan of miss A’s Suzy, named Ojan. Unusually, the concert really started at 7 PM, with very insignificant delay.

Joo was the opening act for the night. She sang 3 of her songs: “Nappeun Namja“, “Namja Ttaemune“, and “Majuchigo Naseo” (I’m not sure of the 3rd song, CMIIW).  And she also sang Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman“. She appeared with a black mini-dress(?) which gave off cuteness and elegance at the same time. She also danced a little while singing “I’m Every Woman“. She showcased her strong vocal in all of the songs, while breaking free of her “sad” image with “I’m Every Woman“. Seeing her upclose in the fanmeet and on stage are two different things, but they give the same jaw-dropping effect.

The next act was unexpectedly, 2AM. I mean, since they have high popularity, I thought they’d be put near the end, or even for closing. But apparently, they have to go back to Korea that very night, hence the change of list. Appearing with set of white suit; Changmin, Seulong, and Jo Kwon were no less than charismatic. In fact, I was so stunned by their vocal that I kinda forgot their songlist. *whoopsie* I just remembered that they sang around 6 songs, including their hit songs, such as “Chingu-e Gobaek“, “Jugeodo Motbonae“, “I Norae“, “No.1“, and “Jeonhwal Badji Anhneun Neo-ege“. I forgot the title for other songs. *sorry* The thing is, I personally like to sing 2AM’s songs in karaoke, that’s why I couldn’t help but to sing along when they sang “Chingu-e Gobaek” and “I Norae“. To be honest, I couldn’t take my eyes of Changmin that night. Other than he’s the closest member to my seat, his vocal was just too awesome. When he sang the high note in “Jeonhwal Badji Anhneun Neo-ege“, I simply got goosebumps, even remembering it now still gives me goosebumps.

After them, San.E took the stage. I’m personally curious about him, since I’ve listened to his songs before. He opened his act with “Matjoheun San“, which is performed with miss A’s Min in the album, but he only brought two dancers with him. Btw, the dancers were sexy. After this song, he suddenly told a story to the audience, saying that when he’s in high school he got into a relationship with Indonesian girl named “Putri”. He then continued by asking a girl from the audience to the stage and basically serenaded her with “Love Sick“. During the song, he gave the girl quite generous skinship and even asked for a kiss on the cheek, which was -of course- granted by the girl. After this he invited his sexy dancers to the stage once again and sang Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow“. During this, he opened up a bottle of mineral water and showered the Festival audience with it. Then he closed his performance with FarEast Movement’s “Fly Like a G6” which really got the crowd crazy. He answered well to my curiosity and IMBO, he was the best performer that night in the terms of crowd control and entertaining.

Kim Hyung Joon came up next. To be honest, I don’t like SS501 (not an anti tho), thus I dunno anything about KHJ’s songs. The only thing I’d give credit is that he took a camera from the audience, took a selca with it, then returned the camera to the lucky fan. But what caught my attention the most was one of his female dancers. Seeing this female dancer from VIP A seat, I instantly thought of KARA‘s Hara. Maybe it’s her hairstyle, but she really resembled Hara that night. I even gave her a nickname: Who Hara. With tanktop, cropped vest, and hot pants, she really gave a strong sexy vibe with her oh-so-seductively-inviting moves.  Especially near the ending, she’s the only one female dancer who changed her tanktop to an abs-revealing one, showing off her excellent sexy mid-riff. I really stood up and hugged the fence near the stage just to look at her closer and try to greet her. Yes, I’m still a man who’s still a sucker for sexy girls.

The last act of the night was miss A. As soon as they got on stage, my eyes were fixed on Jia, she was simply too attractive to miss out. They started things out with “Breathe“, which was quickly followed by “Love Alone“. I love how Jia and Fei really did the same routine in “Breathe” as in the MV. Yes, they did the hand-stand. Then they got off the stage, to come one by one showcasing each skills of their own. Min came up first doing strong dance routine, followed by Fei and Jia who showed off sexy and sharp hip-hop routine. Suzy came up last, wearing a cute princess-ish dress, to sing Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope“. At this point I couldn’t scream her name at all (I’ve been screaming all the time), because I got swayed by her soft vocal. Then all of them got back on stage to heat things up once again with Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face“. I guess they performed or danced to Beyonce’s song, but I kinda forget when. They concluded their act and with that, the concert with their first single “Bad Girl, Good Girl“. Min did a reference to 2PM’s “Again & Again” in the middle of the song. And as the song ended, they waved and thanked the audience and got off the stage. Min was such a cutie, Fei was sexy (with her oh-so-toned thighs), Suzy was sweet, but Jia was the one who win my heart. Sadly, no encore. But it was nowhere near anti-climax. It has a great climax feel to it. *woot* *woot*

Anywho, that night was AWESOMELY AWESOME! I felt that I was really blessed. I mean, FREE VIP ticket! I could really see them close, the nearest I got was less than 5 meters away! I didn’t win the chance to attend Fanmeet with miss A & San.E, but I know if I also got it, my luck would absolutely ran out after that. Hahaha.

Credit goes to BlackRock Entertainment. Tho the concert didn’t last 4 hours like they said, they really executed the list well, and they did a very kind gesture. They gave away free mineral water while we were queuing outside. And they also did it inside, within the small gaps between acts. Sure they could use more stage effects like flames and confetti, but overall they did great.


Today’s Package: The Box, The Stuff Inside, & The Bag

So it was around 2PM (sing: Again & Again) today and I was rolling around on my bed, laughing at the antics of Arashi (sing: A.RA.SHI) on my laptop. Yeah, I was watching their variety show called Himitsu no Arashi-chan, thanks to Vicky (@luckypurple). And suddenly a courier came and told the housekeeper that he got a package for me. And it’s from Gasoo Galore (@gasoogalore).

The package just arrived.

“AH! This should be IT”, I yelled in my heart. And thus, I opened it up with all my heart. Enjoy the pics as I unraveled the stuffs inside the package.

Unpackaged – 1st Step
SNSD – Japan First Album Boxset

Yes! This is IT! My very own SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition, which I pre-ordered since end of May. *dance around* *play Mr.Taxi*

A small photocard + some postcard which I presume is to be used for fanmeet or concert ticket application.
Front look of the boxset.
The boxset viewed from upper side.
Side view of the boxset.
Opening the boxset. Apparently there are 3 more items inside the boxset.
The 3 items inside the box: A smaller box, a photo booklet, and the CD-DVD case.
A closer look of the CD/DVD and photo booklet.

I’m so happy to the fact that three of my favorite members share a page in the photo booklet. Sooyoung is, maybe due to my bias, as stunning as ever; the white dress and set up just make her even more gorgeous. Taeyeon really casts off her dorkiness and transforms into elegant lady; this might sound pervy, but I just love how she confidently struts her asset *whoopsie*. And Hyoyeon, finally she showcases her hidden beauty; her closeup shot is really stunning. Yeah, HyoTaeYoung really compliment each other *woot woot*. Anywho, for those who haven’t downloaded the photobook scans, I put up some links on the very end of this post.

You might have noticed that there’s a PVC pipe beside the brown packaging box. If you’ve ever ordered any singles, you should’ve known that the pipe is for the bonus poster. The picture is basically the same with the front look of the boxset, but dramatically larger. So it’s much better for spazzing on our Nine.

SNSD 1st Japan Album bonus poster.

Oh, and if you’re a SoNE, you would know that this set I bought is SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition. And if you’re scrupulous, then you would know there’s one thing missing, something I haven’t showed you guys before this part of post. And if you’ve searched the bonus for Deluxe Edition, you would know that I haven’t posted the picture of the pink small bonus bag.

The pink small glittering bonus bag for SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition.

Being a manly man, I’m obviously not interested in this bonus. I bought this edition for the boxset actually, since it might come in handy for storing other SNSD’s stuffs I have. So I’ll try to find someone who would buy this bag off me, yup, I’m selling the bag. It’s waaaaayyy too cute, too pink, too small, and too glittery for me, some of the glitters even got on my hand as I unpacked the bag from its box. xD

Overall, this SNSD Japan First Album – Deluxe Edition is ultimately worth it. I spent IDR 852.000 (approx. USD 100, using Yahoo! Currency Converter) only to order this. Truthfully, I wasn’t going to buy this since it costs a lot for someone with no fixed income like me. But I thought that it’d be a waste not to buy, since I’ve bought almost all of their single (minus Japan ver. of Run Devil Run). So I forced myself to use some money from my savings which I initially intended to use to travel abroad. And when my order came, and I unraveled it, I’m so thankful that I decided to order this. To add to this, it’s always a great feeling knowing that, tho it’s small, I have contributed to support The Nine to achieve greater fame.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here are the links for the photo booklet scans of SNSD Japan First Album:
-> via WonderfulGeneration.net
-> via SONEms.net (different pics from what I have, prolly different edition)

SNSD Japan Concert Tour 2011: The Pain, & The Dream

I’m writing this IMBO (In My Biased Opinion) and this could be a bit stinging for a few SoNEs. So feel free to agree, or disagree.

As you already know if you’re a SoNE, SNSD is currently having their Japan Concert tour. And if you’re a SoNE, you would know that their schedule in Japan is jam-packed. It’s so tight that a few SoNE jokingly agreed that their schedule is even tighter than the schedule of US President, Barack Obama.

And with such schedule, it is bound to take a toll on our beloved girls. It is reported that Sooyoung was having a fever while performing The Great Escape-Mr.Taxi medley on Music Station a few days ago. Then Jessica is told to be singing off-key and crying while performing in one of the concert, it’s said that the reason is because she was holding the pain due to her sickness. And lastly, Sunny fainted and had to leave the venue to be driven to hospital, only to come back later and cried.

Seeing our girls fall one by one because of lack of rest, I couldn’t help to be sad and enraged at the same time. I was fast at blaming SM Entertainment, cursing them because they didn’t look after our girls health and put money above the well-being of SNSD. That was when I stumbled upon a writing by a veteran SoNE, discussing about this incident. And then I realized that I was wrong. This incident wasn’t the fault of SM Entertainment. So who’s to blame then? If it’s not the company, then it’d be the artist to be blamed. The answer is there is no one to be blamed, this is NO ONE’s fault.

Why? Because Japanese Concert Tour is their dream. Yes, THIS is their dream. They WANT to do this. And that is all that matters. For them, and for us. Sure we could see they are forcing themselves too much, but let’s look at them in a different point of view.

Watch their Music Station medley performance, was it not Sooyoung who was one of the most energetic and stunning lady there? Read the fan-account of the concerts, was it not Jessica who persevered through-out the concert, holding in her tears as much as she could, with all of strength left in her? Then watch the fan-cam of their Saitama Super Arena concert, was it not Sunny who came back to the venue, crying and apologizing to the fans because she couldn’t give her all for the performance?

It IS heart-wrenching, to look at someone you love (SoNE loves them, right?) pursues her dream with that huge amount of commitment and determination. Up to the point that she’d tire herself so much. But, there’s nothing we could do, except for one crucial thing: SUPPORT.

Our SNSD is trying their best pursuing their dream, giving all they have to reach it. And as SoNE, we should also unite and support them with all we have. Knowing their nature, I bet they’d keep on going even if it means that they’d drag their feet on the floor, and if it ever happened (which I hope it would not), it should be us, SoNEs, who help to lift them up and push them closer to their dream.

But, if because one reason or another they decided to cancel the tour midway, then we all know that it’d also be a good thing for them. So there will be no sad ending at all, IF we keep on supporting them with all our might. I know The Nine trusts SoNE, and we are obliged to have the same amount of trust, if not bigger, in them. If we want to laugh and thrive together with The Nine, we should also be ready to cry and strive together with them. #BeStrongSNSD.


Cyan Thrisvain.
A newbie SoNE from Indonesia.