Komisi VIII DPR: Trip To End Poverty, or To Show It

I am writing a (quite) serious post this time. So I’m terribly sorry for those who come to my blog wanting to find some jokes and entertainment. But on a second thought, this is quite a joke to entertain you in some way possible.

Well, it’s actually quite a hot topic amongst Indonesian right now. Apparently, a division of Indonesian House of Representative called Komisi VIII just had a trip to Australia. It was a trip of comparative study with the objective of gathering information for the draft of Poverty Bill, Freedom and Protection of Religion Bill, Justice and Equality of Gender Bill, etc. Or so they say.

In reality, of course, I don’t think the trip went well. For the objective that is. If you want to see it from the pleasure they experienced, I guess it still went quite very well. At first, a ray of hope were shown when Komisi VIII agreed to hold an open meeting with the Indonesians at the Consulate General of Indonesia in Melbourne. But after I read about how the meeting on the Internet, I got disappointed, but it’s nothing to be surprised of anyway.

Their answers to the questions asked by the audience are BOLLOCKS. Btw, bollocks means BULLSHIT, if you don’t get it. The audience (and also myself after I read the article) could easily found gaps and, well, bullshits in their answers. And their answers is basically the reason how I choose my blog post title. I mean, c’mon, Komisi VIII wanted to design a bill for poverty? Be serious, they may be wealthy on the money, but their intelligence spells POVERTY all the way. Yes Your Honor, you have a poor intelligence.

If you understand Indonesian, try watching the clip below.

It’s when the meetings turned quite chaotic since the audience were definitely not pleased with the answers to their question (Heck, from what I’ve read, Komisi VIII didn’t even answer those questions). Anyway, those clips above showed that PPI (Association of Indonesian Students) were asking about the official e-mail of Komisi VIII, so that they could have an address to send their inquiries or dissatisfaction about its performance. But apparently they didn’t have any, and somehow a “genius” woman -one of Komisi VIII, I believe- tried to solve the problem and said that the official e-mail of Komisi VIII is SURPRISINGLY “komisi8@yahoo.com”. GENIUS, BRILLIANT, OUT-OF-THE-BOX! But that’s if you are a member of Komisi VIII from your High School Student Representative, hell, even my high school student representative has a better named e-mail. If that was coming from a member of Indonesian House of Representatives, you are surely showing off your poor intelligence. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

P.S.: Trust me, a good portion of Indonesian is Internet-literate. It’s just our representative that’s effing challenged. And no, I never think that they are representing the people of Indonesia. ^^


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