@RadityaDika : Welcome ITNW!!

A few months ago, I was kinda surprised when Budiono Darsono -a prominent figure behind the founding of detik.com, the first news portal in Indonesia- tweeted a series of tweets mentioning SNSD and talked about being a SoNE. My first thought was “FUCK YEAH SNSD!”. I mean, not only that they gain fans and followers alike from the Indonesia’s younger generation, they actually got one great samchon (uncle) fan here too.

Budiono Darsono tweeting SNSD
One example of Budiono Darsono’s tweet, stating that he has Hoot poster

And this morning, I saw someone retweeting Raditya Dika‘s tweet. And his tweet said, “Yes! I’m officially a fan of SNSD. Oh, Seohyun.” It simply made my morning. Raditya Dika is one young writer (he’s around my age, so I consider he’s young) who has already written and published several novels. His novels mainly comedy, but there’s always a hint of wisdom in them. Tho mostly I buy his novels for the laughs of course.

Raditya Dika's series of tweets about SNSD

I would like to say “Welcome Into The New World” to Raditya Dika. I hope you can find the girls to be attractive, endearing, and some kind of energy source for your everyday life. Just like what other SoNEs feel. I don’t know how you come across SNSD and how did you fall for them, but it’s a good news that a great writer like you has joined our ranks. Hahahaha.


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