Police 1st Sgt. Norman Kamaru: The Good Deed

Anyone in Indonesia who has access to the television news should be familiar with the phrase “Briptu Norman”. It all started when someone somewhere posted a YouTube video, which quickly become viral (most possibly thru Kaskus or Twitter). And soon enough, the media found out and it was all over the news.

The video is about a young policeman, the rank of Police 1st Sgt. (“Brigadir Polisi Satu” or Briptu in Indonesian) who apparently got some free time, and he decided to have some fun. It’s the way he’s having fun which is unique. Apparently he played a Bollywood music titled “Chayya Chayya” and he lip-synced to it. Too make it more interesting, he also added some Bollywood-ish dance moves while lip-syncing. For me, the video is very amusing, especially when he made the simple hand movement, it’s just brilliant. And notice how he slides to and fro on the bench, it’s so smooth, it’s basically epic.

But apparently, some of his superintendent is not as amused as most of Indonesian. There’s quickly a rumor that this fun-loving policeman would be facing a punishment for indiscipline act of playing in the time of work. Not surprisingly almost all of Indonesian netizen reacted supportively for Briptu Norman. Of course, I also joined the supportive movement for him. Tho it’s unclear yet, whether Briptu Norman got suspended or not, he already received one kind of punishment from his direct superintendent. Thankfully, the punishment is actually kinda fun. See for yourself in the video below.

I am actually thankful for this young policeman. Before him and his amusing video, the image of police in Indonesia was cold and corrupt, cowards hiding behind the stern inexpressive face. But this, this has proven that’s (maybe, hopefully) wrong. His video shows us that police, no matter how stern his face is when in front of masses, may actually have a playful, fun side. Or to simply put, humane.

And for that, I sincerely thank 1st Brig. Police Norman Kamaru. For making us smile, as a police, as a humane police, who’s not afraid to express who he is, who doesn’t hide behind the stern cold mask of general policemen. He really does protect and serve: Protects our sense of humor, and Serves us a good laughter. Once again, thank you. And may God bless all of good policemen.