Mikitty’s Yakiniku!!! *drools*

If you’ve read some previous posts in my blog (posts which are posted a long way back), you should’ve figured out that I was once an avid fan of Morning Musume. Yeah, I have to admit that I’m not that into them anymore, since my most favorite member has resigned and then married to a comedian by the name of Shouji Tomoharu. Yes, my number one member of Morning Musume is, and will always be, Fujimoto Miki.

Miki-ShoujiFujimoto Miki & Shouji Tomoharu: July 3, 2009 until forever

And those who are familiar with Morning Musume and Fujimoto Miki, should also know that this oh-so-lovable-even-when-upset woman is a fan, A HUGE FAN, of grilled meat. Or in Japan, they say “Yakiniku“. And so, after quite a long wait, what she has said before (I guess), in the olden times when she’s still in Momusu, is finally becoming a real thing. YES! She’s going to open her own Yakiniku Restaurant!!!

Yakiniku Mikitei Official Website

From what I could comprehend from the website (my Japanese is so fluent that I still haven’t google-translated it, yes, it was sarcasm), the OPENING of this restaurant is on February 26, 2011. On the same day as her BIRTHDAY! Now that’s what I call a good birthday present! (Even if it’s from Miki herself). And on that day (according to H!O tweet), the menu price would be 99% off the original price!!!

For those who are in categories below:
1. In Japan on February 26, 2011 and want to see the opening.
2. Planning to go for the yakiniku experience in Japan
3. Planning to go to Japan to meet Fujimoto Miki
4. All of the above
5. All of the above, except (1) and (4) – which is so ME
I’ve pinpointed the location in Google Maps! *YAY for me* Feel free to share it! And if you are in the neighborhood and feeling hungry (and got some extra Yen to spend), please do visit this place! Because I know I WOULD! ^_^

>> Click Here for “Yakiniku Mikitei” on Google Maps <<

All the best of luck for Mikitty for the new yakiniku restaurant. Hopefully it would be prosperous and, in my wild imagination, open up a branch here in Indonesia (can’t blame a man for still being a fan). And I know I’m still waiting for Morning Musume OG Comeback. Please keep healthy, Mikitty. *dances around to Boogie Train ’03*

on a side note:
I just found out that Mikitty’s husband, Shouji Tomoharu, is the proud owner of one Guinness Book of World Record title. The title is for “Cracking The Most Walnut in 1 Minute with Ass“. Yes, apparently (being a good-hearted, strong-butted, lucky bastard comedian) he mustered enough power to break 43 walnuts. A WHOPPING difference of TWO walnuts from the previous record by a French. Only with sheer force of his behind. Now I want to know what Mikitty actually thinks about this. *ROFL* (source)

My good friend, Yuda Muhammad R, who shared this information to me. He’s a good graphic designer IMHO, and currently kinda dissatisfied with his job, so if you got some good money-making work for a graphic designer, please try him. ^_^