Travel with Garuda! (Jan-Mar 2011, that is)

It all started when a dear friend of mine tweeted that she got passport and planning to get visa. So I jokingly asked where will she go. And while tweeting away with that topic with her, I suddenly got an urge to pay a visit to Garuda Indonesia’s website. I was still only imagining if I could go traveling to Seoul or Tokyo, flying Garuda Indonesia.

That is until I waited a bit for this box to pop on the right side of the web.


Seeing that the price is somehow un-Garuda-ish (that is, not expensive), I clicked THAT BOX without any hesitation. After that, I was trying to find out what the SURPRISE FARE is for Jakarta-Seoul-Jakarta flight, and this was what I got.


And those words were what actually crossed my mind when I see the fare. I mean, c’mon, it’s Garuda Indonesia we’re talking here. I kinda expected that the fare would be expensive. And there on its website, it says that the ticket is only USD 613 vice-versa.


But the more amazing thing is, during the SURPRISE FARE (which is until March 31, 2011), Garuda is actually cheaper than Air Asia on some dates. On those dates, Garuda’s cheaper by nearly USD 100 on average. Now that’s something by Garuda Indonesia.

For more information, please visit Garuda Indonesia’s website. Or just click on THIS TEXT for the SURPRISE FARE. ^^