SNSD’s “Kissing You” Cover by MBWG ITB

As some of us know, the Hallyu Wave is sweeping all across the globe. And of the flagship riding on the wave is SNSD. It was quite rare that girl groups from foreign Asian countries got their grip on my country, but apparently K-Pop girl groups, especially SNSD, kinda get themselves a grip on Indonesia.

I mean, before them, it’s difficult to find girl groups’ video clips on national TV channels. But now, one of the channels has played “Gee” for several times. For an IndoneSoNE like me, it’s a thrilling moment to see The Nine on national TV.

Furthermore, I guess the SNSD craze is slowly (but ever so surely) start to sweep over my campus. Some of SoNE in my campus already gathered and formed a community nicknamed Rilek[S]oNE, and well, we often meet in a somewhat regular basis. One of us is a member of our campus Marching Band, which is named Marching Band Waditra Ganesha. And just yesterday, he posted this YouTube clip on our campus internal forum. Do check it out. ^^

Did he contribute to this? I still don’t know. But good job anyway. It’s always nice to hear SNSD songs being played, no matter where, when, or who plays it. ^^