SNSD’s “Hoot” Full Audio!! (Updated w/ English Subs + Download)

As if the teasers and new Genie version barrage wasn’t enough for us (well, it’s never enough anyway for us, SoNEs, haha), The Nine has released the full audio track for their new single “Hoot”. Check it on the YouTube video below.

The song, as usual, is catchy. Tho for me, at first, the song gives off a slight Wild West feeling and suddenly it goes to 80s espionage feeling, listen to the shift approximately at 00:07. But through the song, the 80s feeling is kept strong. The chorus similarly gives a distinct shift of feeling, with a sudden insertion of vocal, e.g. approximately at 01:02-01:03. But after you hear it again (and again), the shift is beginning to diminish bit by bit, tho it’s not disappearing completely. Taeyeon shows off a bit of her amazing vocal around 01:52. At 02:26-02:41, the song shifts again to some Middle Eastern-ish feeling. The girls’ giggles at the end of the song kinda makes us (or at least ME) want to giggle as well.

Overall, as I said in the first place the song is catchy, and the mood shifts actually make the song even better. And for those who got nice headphones or subwoofers, try listening to the bassline, I think it’s also as catchy as the song (I’m a bassline lover). Oh, and watch out for Seohyun’s voice, a comment in the YouTube video said that it could result in EarGasm. Video Update with English Subs!!

taken from: crazy51’s post @

=> via K2N Blog (mp3 & FLAC), must register first

Anywho, can’t wait for the release of the MV. I’m kinda trying to imagine how The Nine would act in the MV with all the seductive voices they made. Hahahaha.


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