KARA’s “Jumping” MV Teaser!

I’m not even finished spazzing over SNSD’s Hoot and this teaser from KARA popped out. I got the news from an article in allkpop.com, and went straight to the YouTube link provided. Well, if you’re too lazy to go to allkpop, here’s the 30-seconds teaser clip.

Nice costume, cute choreography, and catchy song. All in all, the MV (and the song) seems to be promising. The plus point is the Japanese, I love Japanese culture long before I came to Korean culture, so it’s a good thing to reminisce. Can’t wait for the full MV.

On a side note, it’s a good thing that KARA would be releasing “Jumping” in Japan and SNSD would be promoting “Hoot”. Therefore, no promotion battle between the two would take place, and I, being a SoNE/Kamilia, are glad for that. ^^


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