[MV] SNSD – Genie 3D New Version

Just a few hours ago I posted about the teaser for SNSD’s 3rd mini-album Hoot, and just now, I got news from allkpop.com and my SoNE friend, KimChi (or at least that’s how I know her xD ). The news is, as you may expected, about the new version of Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) MV.

Yeah, that YouTube version is not the real 3D version, it’s just like the demo version of it. But even in this version, I could see The Nine already pops out from the screen, maybe it’s because their overwhelming shine, or maybe it’s just my imagination. Anyway, this is actually better, you guys (and girls) could storm out NOW and buy your pair of 3D glasses now, so when the REAL 3D version is released you could spazz all you want.

But please take my advice, have your eye doctor’s number near you. You don’t know what could happen if The Nine suddenly popped out in front of you right. ^^


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