KARA’s “Jumping” MV Teaser!

I’m not even finished spazzing over SNSD’s Hoot and this teaser from KARA popped out. I got the news from an article in allkpop.com, and went straight to the YouTube link provided. Well, if you’re too lazy to go to allkpop, here’s the 30-seconds teaser clip.

Nice costume, cute choreography, and catchy song. All in all, the MV (and the song) seems to be promising. The plus point is the Japanese, I love Japanese culture long before I came to Korean culture, so it’s a good thing to reminisce. Can’t wait for the full MV.

On a side note, it’s a good thing that KARA would be releasing “Jumping” in Japan and SNSD would be promoting “Hoot”. Therefore, no promotion battle between the two would take place, and I, being a SoNE/Kamilia, are glad for that. ^^


SNSD’s “Hoot” Full Audio!! (Updated w/ English Subs + Download)

As if the teasers and new Genie version barrage wasn’t enough for us (well, it’s never enough anyway for us, SoNEs, haha), The Nine has released the full audio track for their new single “Hoot”. Check it on the YouTube video below.

The song, as usual, is catchy. Tho for me, at first, the song gives off a slight Wild West feeling and suddenly it goes to 80s espionage feeling, listen to the shift approximately at 00:07. But through the song, the 80s feeling is kept strong. The chorus similarly gives a distinct shift of feeling, with a sudden insertion of vocal, e.g. approximately at 01:02-01:03. But after you hear it again (and again), the shift is beginning to diminish bit by bit, tho it’s not disappearing completely. Taeyeon shows off a bit of her amazing vocal around 01:52. At 02:26-02:41, the song shifts again to some Middle Eastern-ish feeling. The girls’ giggles at the end of the song kinda makes us (or at least ME) want to giggle as well.

Overall, as I said in the first place the song is catchy, and the mood shifts actually make the song even better. And for those who got nice headphones or subwoofers, try listening to the bassline, I think it’s also as catchy as the song (I’m a bassline lover). Oh, and watch out for Seohyun’s voice, a comment in the YouTube video said that it could result in EarGasm. Video Update with English Subs!!

taken from: crazy51’s post @ snsdKorean.wordpress.com

=> via K2N Blog (mp3 & FLAC), must register first

Anywho, can’t wait for the release of the MV. I’m kinda trying to imagine how The Nine would act in the MV with all the seductive voices they made. Hahahaha.

[MV] SNSD – Genie 3D New Version

Just a few hours ago I posted about the teaser for SNSD’s 3rd mini-album Hoot, and just now, I got news from allkpop.com and my SoNE friend, KimChi (or at least that’s how I know her xD ). The news is, as you may expected, about the new version of Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) MV.

Yeah, that YouTube version is not the real 3D version, it’s just like the demo version of it. But even in this version, I could see The Nine already pops out from the screen, maybe it’s because their overwhelming shine, or maybe it’s just my imagination. Anyway, this is actually better, you guys (and girls) could storm out NOW and buy your pair of 3D glasses now, so when the REAL 3D version is released you could spazz all you want.

But please take my advice, have your eye doctor’s number near you. You don’t know what could happen if The Nine suddenly popped out in front of you right. ^^

SNSD 3rd Mini Album “Hoot” Teaser is Out!!

For the last few days SoNEs and K-Pop fans alike has been surprised so much by SNSD for their announcement of 3rd mini-album release. I mean, we all (we as in SoNEs) hardly expected a new mini-album in the time of their Japan invasion preparation. We would think that their schedule would be packed full with activities to promote The Nine in Japan. There’s not even some kind of news of them recording new songs for this new mini album.

It’s all started when SM Entertainment officially released the concept pictures for their new mini album. Starting from Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun; then Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sunny; and Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri as the last batch of pictures teaser. If you look carefully (or not so carefully if you’re a SoNE), I think the teaser pictures were released in batches based on their height. But since SME is kinda kind to them, they released the Dangshin Batch in the middle, so that it won’t be so obvious. xD

You can google up for their pics, as I’m too lazy to upload them and put them here. Well, okay, here, go to this blogpost by SNSDKorean, turned out I’m not that lazy. Hahaha.

Now that you’ve spazzed with the pics, it’s time for the video teaser, which is just released today.

Another new concept from The Nine, as you can see from the teaser video. Yuri, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon seem to sport wild west cowgirl-ish outfit while Jessica, Yoona, Tiffany, Seohyun, Sunny, and Taeyeon (well, basically the rest of them, but I feel obliged to say the names) wear 80s tight outfit like what we could see in the old James Bond movies.

I’ll be having myself some prediction of the MV by the things I got from the teaser. I think the concept would be some kind of old west versus much older west, as in 80s versus wild west. But if they go with this concept, then the wild west team would be at a disadvantage, since they only got three members. And somehow I think Jessica would be the main character, because she appears both at the start and the end of the teaser.

But whatever the concept would be, I think I’d still be enjoying it. In fact, I already planned to Pre-Order this mini-album with my other 12 friends. I mean, it’s The Nine after all, biases do work. Hahaha.