Road to Wonder: A Wonderful Journey, Day 1…

As maybe some of you know, Wonder Girls (WG) came and held a showcase on June 20, 2010 in Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia. And this blogpost will tell about my experience of getting there, and watch them.

The beginning of it all started on June 18, when an Indonesian celebrity posted about giving out free tickets for the Wonder Girls showcase. After reading his tweet, I thought: “Wait, this maybe my last chance to see a K-Pop group in Indonesia”, and so I joined his quiz. But, I withdrew, since I noticed that fellow quiz-takers were tweet-bombing him (not a fan of bombing to get what I want, it annoys people, IMO).

Fortunately, living in Indonesia got an advantage. We got KASKUS! And almost everything could be found there. In this context, of course the WG ticket. And ultimately, I bought one ticket for two at the cost of IDR 275k (around USD 30). Things progressed quite smoothly, but that is only until I got my ticket on June 19th.

After I got my ticket, it seemed that the notorious Murphy’s Law applied right on me and my friends. Just after I got my hair cut (gotta be neat for WG *wink2*), my friend Arin, who was the driver, called in and told that his driving license is expired. And then my other friend, Bamz, who was in charge for renting a car for us, told that there’s no Toyota Avanza available, and Arin up until that time has never driven any car beside Toyota Avanza. Those would mean that we got a chance on being held by the cops and also AN ACCIDENT, which was -of course- NOT WANTED. But after some talks, we all agreed that this is one-in-a-lifetime chance, so we’ll take the bargain.

Then we decided to show some support to WG by buying balloons of Pearl Burgundy color. Difficult color. Oh sorry, VERY difficult color. We went to all the big stores that supplies party stuffs (balloon=party, right?) and we got no result. We called our friend, Lingga, who is considered quite expert in idol supporting stuffs. He said he knows the place that sells a might-be-that color. We were joyed, but it didn’t last long, since he followed his statement with: “Err, wait. What time is it? Ah, too bad, they’re closed already”. *insert facepalm picture here*.

Well, finally we found some balloons in a quite small store (Moral of the story: DON’T judge a store by its size), it didn’t say Pearl Burgundy, but we thought that it was probably close to it. We decided to buy 2 packs of three to test first, and below is how the balloon blowing test went:

Me: lemme try one *rips off packs, peels balloons off each other*
Me: *blows*
Balloon 1: *grows to a size of a fist* BANG!
Me: DANG! gimme another one *stretches the mouth of the balloon*
Balloon 2: RIP! (the mouth comes off)
Ryo (my other friend): DANG! try another one
Me: *blows with no stretching first*
Balloon 3: *grows to a size of a fist* BANG! (yes, again)
Bamz: WHAT! this is not right, I hope this pack is alright *gives another pack to me*
Me: amen to that *unpacks, and peels balloons off each other, again*
Balloon 4 & 5: RIP! (apparently they don’t want to be separated, one ‘of em stick so hard that a little part comes off, thus, a hole…tiny, but still a hole…in a balloon)
Arin: we still got one left *gives me the last balloon*
Me: *don’t care no more and directly blows*
Balloon 6: *grows nicely to a size of a, well, normal balloon*
Me: *rips Balloon 6*

*insert double facepalm picture here*

Yes, apparently, out of curiosity (or wisdom actually, we’re running out of time there, c’mon) we decided to buy a pack of balloons with “dark blue” written in its tag. Because the color of the balloons in there is pretty much the same with the one with “purple” tag. (Moral of the story: DO judge a balloon’s color from its color tag)

After fooling around a bit, we went back home and packed our stuffs. Me? I stuffed a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, an underwear, tooth brush, iPhone charger, and iPhone earphones. Not too much fuss. Then by the appointed time, Bamz picked me up, and all seven of us slept in his house for tomorrow’s convenience.

(to be continued in Day 2) xD