Caribbean Bay by 9PM (a.k.a. 2PM Generation)

You might’ve known about the Caribbean Bay resort CF featuring 2PM and SNSD. Well, the resort apparently got enough money to even sponsor an MV for their cause. If you haven’t watch the CF yet, here’s the 30″ version of the Caribbean Bay CF.

If you are a normal male just like me, you’d find that the SNSD girls are just, well, *ahem* HOT. I mean, you gotta love the way Yoona glares and stares, or how Yuri teases the viewers by undoing her shirt, unveiling that white tank-top. Seohyun is doing quite good, being sexy with her eyes, tho I got to say, I think it will be better to put someone else from SNSD in her role (prolly Sooyoung for her height, but maybe it’s just me).

And if you are a normal male like me, I think you’ll skip the scenes with 2PM. No offense really, but it’s just uncomfortable seeing other men undress. You’ll understand if you’re a man. Hahaha.

At first I think it’s over with Caribbean Bay, until the news of them releasing the MV. The teaser was even hotter than the CF. Actually, I’m confused about the CF, is it actually a CF, or just a teaser for the MV. Anyway, I think the MV was released today and it really makes me excited. Here’s the YouTube version for the MV.

Well, after you watch the MV, don’t tell me you’re not excited. Or you can, if you simply became one of the group’s antis. What SoNE (or Hottest) in their right mind would not envy the skinship between 2PM (Taecyeon-Nickkhun-Chansung) and SNSD (Yoona-Yuri-Seohyun). The thing is, the producer decided to put Yoona-Taecyeon pairing again, which for me is kinda boring. Not because of their acts in the MV, it’s just that pairing is just so last year. Yuri-Khun excites me more, or rather, makes me more envious. I mean, c’mon, in that MV, it’s Yuri who’s making a move on Nickkhun. Man, do I want to be Nickkhun in the MV or what?! The thing that also caught my attention is that the Maknae pairing, the producer seemed to take her preference into account and made less skinship for the pairing (if not none at all).

In about the end of the MV almost all members from each groups shows up. I’ve counted the SNSD part and saw that only Taeyeon and Jessica who are not present in the MV. And my favorite girl, Sooyoung, eventually makes appearance shaking her fine butt on 03:49, and for me -sorry, it maybe biased- she IS the hottest CaBi in the clubbing scene with that tied-up checkered shirt and jeans hot-pants. Can only drool from here. *watches the MV again*


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