SNSD Conquers the Chart (Once Again)…

Well, it’s not Mutizen or something like that. But IMHO, this is even BETTER. According to Leespiar (which is said to be used by advertising industry in Korea), SNSD still holds the number one spot in its survey for the first half in 2010. The rating for SNSD even increased by a little less than 6% from the previous result, which was surveyed in the second half of 2009.

SNSD started to enter the top three in first half 2008, which was when they released their Baby Baby (Repackaged) album. After that they went down one spot since they didn’t release any new single. But then they took the top spot after the release of Gee in the first half of 2009, and continue to keep their position in the second half, most likely because of their new mini-album Genie.


Apparently, the release of their second full album Oh! and Oh! (Repackaged) -which features “Run Devil Run” as their main single- is more than enough to secure their first position in the first half of 2010. As a SoNE, I truly hope that they could keep their position in that survey as long as they are still in this industry.

By the way, in April 30, 2010, The Nine enjoyed their 1000th day as SNSD. All the best for them. 소녀시대 사랑해요 !! \(^o^)/


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