Destination: Bangkok… (Part 1, The Reason)

Well, as you may know (if you’re a K-Pop fan, or better, a SoNE) the girls of SNSD will hold a concert in Bangkok on July 24, 2010. Being a SoNE, I don’t want to let this chance go away since Bangkok might be the closest city SNSD will have a concert in from my current city. There is actually a good possibility that they will hold one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; or Singapore. But I don’t know when will it be, after all Indonesian Rupiah is stronger if compared to Thai Baht.

Seating zones for SNSD Bangkok Concert

As you can see from the picture above, the best zone is definitely the Red Zone (aside from the VIP Zone beside the control box), who cares if you have to stand as long as you can see the artists you like up-close, right? Well, the problem is – as usual – the price, the Red Zone costs THB 4500 (a little more than IDR 1.2 million). International fans can Pre-Order the concert ticket on Soshified, which is what I’m going to do. But it costs USD 190 (approx. IDR 1.8 million) including the Paypal fee, and yes, you must pay it via Paypal. How the price got like that is beyond me, but I do believe that Soshified is a dignified international fan forum that wouldn’t take profit of this. If you ever plan to PO the ticket, BE QUICK, as the deadline for e-mails is April 20, 2010 – which is today – and the payment deadline is April 23, 2010. Well, apparently Soshified decided to delay the deadlines to April 23, 2010 (E-Mail) and April 25, 2010 (PayPal Payment). But still, BE QUICK.

Aside from the concert ticket, the things that concern me more are the transportation and the accommodation. That’s why I’ve been scouting for those two things since two days ago. Up until now, I’ve only made schemes for the transportation, as in how to get to Bangkok from Jakarta. Interestingly, I’ve come up with 7 schemes of which have their own pros and cons. The schemes’ range from around USD 131-270 and from 4-7 days of travel. And the schemes (IMHO) apply for either pampered traveler or backpacker. Unfortunately, as I’m in Indonesia, the schemes will mostly apply only to Indonesian SoNEs (or travelers alike), tho some schemes may also be suitable for Singaporean or Malaysian SoNEs (or travelers alike).

I won’t be posting the schemes now, because I’m actually in a class right now. Hahaha. See you on Destination: Bangkok (Part II: The Schemes). Until then, please pray for me so that I can really go to Bangkok to see The Nine. ^^



  1. unnamed · April 20, 2010

    hope you all the luck. you are so luck i am living in australia now and dieing to see snsd T T

  2. roXia · April 20, 2010

    Kebetulan abis baca ini, baca postingan lo di bagian “Yang Menyenangkan Hari Ini?”
    Mantaplah!! Selamat yak… Jadi ikut seneng jg, hehehe..

    Ditunggu Part II: The Schemes-nya

    Btw, mereka gak bakal ke Malaysia kata SM di suatu artikel, cuma Shanghai, Bangkok, dan Taiwan (November)

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