And H1N1 goes to…SNSD’s Yuri…

i woke up today, and started up my laptop as usual…after i got a Twitter account, i’m more informed about the updates in K-Pop scene since i followed AllKPop and Soshified…the good thing about this is i got the infos virtually instantaneous…the bad thing is, well, i got the infos virtually instantaneous…

just like today, i just got up when i see a tweet from Soshified account saying that SNSD’s Yuri is contracted with H1N1 virus…my first reaction was: “NO WAY!”, wanting to believe that somehow Soshified made a mistake (tho they got great credibility), i checked AllKPop only to confirm the news…here’s the full transcript from AllKPop

SNSD’s Yuri diagnosed with swine flu

Yes, just when we thought Super Junior’s Eunhyuk would be the last person to be diagnosed with swine flu (H1N1), we’ve got more! This time, it’s SNSD’s Yuri!

On the night of March 4th, Yuri showed symptoms of cold so she went to the hospital to get a check up. The next day, the results were out and it was confirmed that she has been diagnosed with swine flu. She is currently resting in her house, and all her schedules will be canceled until she recovers, including her performances of Oh! on this week’s music programs.

It’s very unfortunate that the swine flu is still crawling around in 2010. Let’s hope Yuri has a quick recovery!

dang…i’m really shocked by this news and i still think of how the girls coping with this…people may think that since SNSD got nine members, if one can’t go, then eight would still be good…but that’s not the case…Yuri’s condition would make the rest of SNSD in worrisome thoughts, and that would make them more vulnerable to many kind of disruption…but as a SoNE i believe that The Nine would overcome this in a good way…

all i can do now is pray for Yuri so that her condition will be better…and for those who have twitter account Kwon Yuri, SNSD, twitter, swine fand read this, please show the girls some support by trending #getbetterkwonyuri…


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