KARA’s Lupin MV Released! (Review + Download)


KARA is back with their new MV…the title “Lupin” reminds us of a fictional thief portrayed in the Lupin III series or maybe even the original Arsène Lupin in the novel…and they even made the mysterious thief image stronger with their teaser pics…and of course, YouTube in all it’s sharing attitude serves as an easy, light source for the MV…

since i’m also a fan of KARA, i also waited for this MV…and just like what i did with SNSD’s “Oh!”, i didn’t listen to the .mp3 before i watch the MV…so when i watch the MV yesterday, it was my first time hearing the song…and i’m about to review it…

the concept is good…their costumes fit well to the image they’ve been portraying in their teaser pics, the white outfit near the end of the song gives a good contrast (just like the “clones” in the end of SNSD’s “Oh!” MV)…the background somehow reminds me of Morning Musume’s Naichau Kamo PV…i like the lighting effect from the lights in the back, forming a “line” that looks like it’s in front of the girls…the “castle’s inside” set (the walls make me think of a castle), is also good, giving of the feeling that they’re infiltrating a castle to look for treasure…and the sets continues to where they are on a pillar and the supposed-to-be moon, which make them look like they’re escaping to the sky after their thievery…the star-like lighting in the pillar and moon sets makes this image stronger to me…the dance is simpler than Wanna or Mister, but it seems more powerful, gotta see the performance to make it sure…there are two signature moves, the shoulder move (time 00:27) and the static-running move (time 00:49)…like one of my friend said, the static-running move kinda reminds me of 2PM’s Heartbeat running move with the slow motion…the girls are amazing, Seungyon is cute with her short hair cut, Jiyoung looks more mature with the outfits and the song’s attitude, Gyuri’s still as elegant as alwasy, Nicole is so sexy flaunting her back like that, and Hara is smoking hot through out the MV…being a Goo Hara fan, i’m blown away by her sexiness in this MV, her sharp hip moves and oh-so-seductive expressions (check around time 01:56) are awesome…the song lyrics itself, IMO, tells about achieving something we want, with continuous words of encouragement…a good match to Nicole’s rap in the beginning, inviting us to grab our 2010 resolution(s)…also reminding the girls to do their best in 2010, since they got quite heavy competition with SNSD’s “Oh!” and T-ara’s “I Go Crazy Because of You”…

though i’m a bigger SoNE than KARAholic, i also support these girls…so, best of luck girls… ^_^

=> via 4shared.com (mp3)
=> via 4shared.com (mp3, full album)
=> via CashewMania (MV 145.72MB)
=> via MediaFire Part 1|2 (MV 174.05MB)

the MediaFire file is re-encoded by me, it is a 30fps 1024×576 video with 6800kbps of bitrate…



  1. anonym · March 1, 2010

    KARA fans called themselves as Kamilia, KARAholic is KARA biggest international forum. Same like Soshi fans called themselves as SoNE and not soshified.

    • cyanthrisvain · March 4, 2010

      ah, thanks for the correction… ^^

  2. convert DVD to avi · July 10, 2010

    In it all charm!

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