Momusu’s Michishige Received Hate Comments…

as i tweeted my way thru the twitterverse, i came across a retweet by one of my friends…the tweet was posted like this: “netizens attack Morning Musume’s Sayumi Michishige“…as an old school fan of Morning Musume, i immediately checked on the link provided (here’s the link: , it’s in LiveJournal’s aramatheydidnt group)…

after reading the comments…i was enraged…i mean, i’m not even her fan (as she is the exact opposite of Mikitty, whom i adore so much), but c’mon guys, she never deserved this…what did she do anyway? yeah, i know she acts all princess-ish and cutesy, but it’s her character…it’s something Momusu needs, she is the replacement for Ishikawa Rika‘s character…yes, she got some facial skin problem (acnes), but don’t we all have that, she IS an idol, but she IS a HUMAN…furthermore, the comments were put in her blog, and AFAIK, she just opened it…now wouldn’t that be some hard frontal stab to the heart? can’t the netizen put themselves in her position with that kind of comments…

i still dunno what these netizens were thinking when they posted their comments…and really, i doubt if there’s any netizen who got prettier face than Michishige, but even if there is, it still can’t be the justification for those comments…so hate-comment-netizen, you may take your effing head and shove it up your ass…


One comment

  1. cheuph · February 21, 2010

    Gw jadi inget tontonan yang dari lu van
    yang shocking heart apa apa yah, lupa,..
    kan disitu juga ada yang curhat disuruh mati ama seseorang
    trus dia nanggepin komen itu
    eh si orang yang nyuruh mati malah bilang “santai sih, gw cuma becanda kali”
    kayaknya kalo di Jepang ma Korea sana, komen2 orang ke artis parah abis yak

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