SNSD’s Dancing to What It Is…

just like yesteryear, MBC also made their Star Dance Battle this year…and as a SoNE, of course I waited for this show, since I can see The Nine doing different dance routine…as for this time of Star Dance Battle, only four of the girls was performing, the number is decreasing by one from the last Star Dance Battle (where they performed Sorry Sorry and Smooth Criminal)…the four girls are Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun…I’m actually kinda curious of why wasn’t Yuri added to the dancing bunch, because IMHO, the top four dancer should be Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri, and Yoona…no offense to Seohyun’s fans, because she is also becoming more and more awesome at dancing…

the girls were dancing to What It Is by Sophia Fresh…a good change for the girls, since I think their routine this time is more of the hip-hop genre compared to previous Star Dance Battle performances…with more pops and locks, I think they’re adding a new kind of entry in their dancing dictionary…I do feel that the routine is not as perfect as the previous ones, but maybe that’s because they still haven’t got the knack yet…when they do got the knack, I think they’ll be far more powerful than this…but still for me, their performance is still great…they did lost to After School, but I don’t think it’s something upsetting…with their Gahee (which is superior to Hyoyeon), After School is a group of dancing diva, and for me, After School is the toughest adversary from all Star Dance Battle for SNSD…not counting Super Junior, for the possible gender bias from the voters (which is mostly or all girls)…

trivial fact(s):
1. Sunny and Jessica were present during the show, but they didn’t dance
2. Eunhyuk was spazzing on either Yoona or Seohyun (he FIXED his eyes on one)

=> SNSD Star Dance Battle Cut [14.02.2010] @ Soshified (require 25+ posts)
=> SNSD Star Dance Battle Cut [14.02.2010] @ MediaFire (Part 1|2|3|4)
=> Sophia Fresh – What It Is (mp3) @ 4shared

please note that the video file at Soshified is 60 fps with 1024×756 resolution…while my upload to MediaFire is the re-encoded 30 fps with 1024×756 video file…


One comment

  1. Sophia Fresh Fans · February 15, 2010

    SNSD did a pretty good job with What it Is by Sophia Fresh.

    You can download the Sophia Fresh mixtape, which includes What it Is, at

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