Aah…Something Inspiring… (cont’d)

net…crap, i got disconnected by my friend yesterday…so i guess i’ll continue on my blabbering today…or at least that’s what i wanted to do earlier today…

well, the schedule for Comprehensive Test is out today, and apparently i will be doing the test on February 5, 2009 at approximately 09.30 (UTC+7)…WHICH IS WHY I’M SO FRIGGIN PANIC!! (someone in the background: “hey, why are you still blogging while in panic?”)…this is one of the way to relieve my panic and stress…which is now i know, DOESN’T WORK…crap…if any of you are curious how can i get so panicky just because of a test, i’ll kindly tell you that this Comprehensive Test, is, erm, well…it is not “A” test, it is “THE” test…it is like the Jedi Test for Luke Skywalker or Skyhunter Test for Jakesully…we here in Petroleum Engineering ITB are more scared to this test than any other kind of test in our department, even love tests

(that annoying brat in background: “But you still got, like, 3 nights, that should do it!”)…nope, not a chance, we will be asked tons of questions about all stuffs we’ve been studying for 4 years…and when i say “all”, i mean “ALL”, to make it worse, the questions will be random…and when i say “random” (that annoying brat in background: “you mean RANDOM?”)…yes, but you ruined my joke, and it’s not even funny, so i’ll shorten your nick to TABIB…(TABIB: hey, that sounds cool!)…crap, you’re right…aaanyway, fortunately, i only got one more subject to be tested…unfortunately, it is drilling engineering…ah crap, i’ll just back on delving the books…

btw, if you ever curious why i put “Something Inspiring” as title…it’s because i read two blogs of awesomeness yesterday…they’re ChickenStrip (no, not a menu in fast food chain) and ComicTherapist (no, he can’t give your comics any prescription)…thanks for the laughs you brought guys…

now where the heck is my drilling books…


One comment

  1. cyanthrisvain · February 1, 2010

    i guess i said wee too many craps there…sorry… =9

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