SNSD’s “Oh!” MV Finally Out… (UPDATED! + download links)

yeah…again to fellow SoNEs…REJOICE…after we are made curious about the MV since most of us SoNEs must’ve heard the mp3 of “Oh!”, they finally released the MV for this song…just see it in YouTube…

i haven’t seen it full yet, i just became so excited i decided to put it in my blog first…enjoy the MV guys, and girls…btw, for those who want to listen to the mp3, just check the download section below…

Download SNSD “Oh!” mp3:
–> MediaFire

now, that i’ve seen it full…i’ll make some review…the concept is IMO a mixture of Gee and Genie, that is mixing cuteness and sexyness…why, because their expressions in the MV are just cute, and the outfit does support the cuteness while in the same time, giving of a sexy aura of a cheerleader…the mistake Jessica made at 1:20-1:22 (which i thought was an unintended when i saw it in the teaser) is actually cute and makes me laugh a bit…being a Sooyoung fan, i always look for her in all scene, hoping for her popping out on screen…and when she does come on screen, i pause the MV and take some time rolling on my bed…she is SUPER CUTE and her wink at 2:54 basically blows me away…i always think that short-haired Sooyoung is cuter, but this MV really blows that mind away…enough for the Sooyoung biased review, sorry…as for Seohyun, she is the exact opposite of Sooyoung in here, not that she is not cute, but as Sooyoung seems more innocent in this MV, Seohyun looks more mature, as in less pure, not that it’s bad tho…another scene that made me laugh is at 2:00, and it’s involving Jessica again, her expression there is such a dork, a cute dork, which you would all want to be her boyfriend…well, err, i would be noting one drawback of this MV, i don’t see any “signature move” in the dance, which is present in all SNSD’s MVs before, but that’s maybe because i haven’t seen the dance shot version (if there’s any)…the good point, sorry, i mean the UBER good point of this MV is in the ending…what’s with it? i would be guessing that this MV will be continued with another MV…an MV with “darker” feeling to it…and hell yeah, i’ll be waiting for it…

UPDATED!! Download “Oh!” MV :
–> via Soshified (requires 25+ posts in Soshified)
–> via Soshified, basic subbed version (requires 50+ posts in Soshified)
–> via CashewMania

so what do you think about the MV… xD


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