Finally, Noraebox-ing…

yeah! a few days ago,I finally went to Bandung Indah Plaza to look for the karaoke box that my friend, Ramskid, talked about in his blogpost…I went there with him and another friend, Sre from Environmental Engineering ITB…our appointment to do this was actually very accidental, with me tweeting them in the morning, asking when will we go karaoke…and suddenly we agreed to meet in BIP at five…I was late for 15 minutes, but I don’t think that dropped our mood…

when I arrive at the karaoke place, I was kinda surprised…I’ve seen the pictures from Ramskid’s blog, but it isn’t too clear to describe the place…I then took some pictures that I hope would help to describe the place…

Choosing the songs
Choosing the songs

The outside of the box
The outside of the box

The inside of the box
The inside of the box

The Karaoke Machine
The Karaoke Machine

as we got there, the first we did was choosing the songs we will sing in the box…it costs IDR 2500 per song, as written on one of the box…after we decided the songs, we then paid the cost and the clerk/receptionist in that place sent us to our box…she then inserted coins to the machine and put the codes for our songs…

we sang quite some songs that day, but since the subtitle is hangul (YES! it’s in hangul, too bad for us who can’t read hangul) I only sang to the chorus of some songs…but of course I didn’t come unprepared…since I plan to sing (the reason why I went to karaoke place, not to bowling alley…I like to bowl tho, but that’s different story, heheh), I already printed the romaji lyrics of some songs…so in the end, I sang two songs I wanted to sing the most: 2AM’s Confession of A Friend and Kim Taewoo’s Love Rain, if you want to listen to the songs (not me singing), you can download it in the download section below…and I do think I sang it very well…even my friend said that I’m ready to audition for SM or replace 2PM’s Jay (now don’t go netizen-ish on me guys)…hahahahaha…

lastly, we posed after we were too tired to continue singing and decided to finish our session…here’s the pose…thanks for the clerk/receptionist for taking this pic and a few others that made me so embarrassed I won’t post ’em here…

Ramsky, me, and Sre doing
Ramsky, me, and Sre doing “the pose”

it was the pose from one of the song we sang…if you are a K-Pop lover just like me, you would’ve known what song we sang so that we posed that way… xD

if you plan to go there after reading my post (or because of any random reason I wouldn’t have known) take some of my advice:
1. Party of Three, if you want to be comfy enough inside…you can have 4 people inside, but that’s pushing it, plus you can’t dance to the song like we did…
2. Prepare The Lyrics, unless you can read hangul fast like two of my friends there, just print the romaji lyrics…or you’ll end up grabbing the mike and only sing when it’s chorus…of course you can memorize the lyrics beforehand, but that’s too much hassle for me…
3. Know The Code, no, not your safebox code, tho I might be interested in it…I mean the songs’ code you gonna be singing, because some of the new songs are there, but they haven’t put it in the song list…

happy noraebox-ing y’all… ^_^

2AM – A Friend’s Confession : via 4Shared
Kim Taewoo – Love Rain : via 4Shared



  1. mira · January 28, 2010

    wah, harusnya gw baca ulasan lo dulu sebelom noraebox-an..
    kemaren gw noraebox kagak bawa teks romanji..
    mengandalkan kemampuan menghapal yang cuma bagian reff dan kemampuan membaca hangul dengan skill sekelas anak yang baru bisa baca..

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  4. ramski · February 9, 2010

    Oh! that’s me!
    hayuu kesana lg!! haha

    met ultah van..~

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