SNSD 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ is Teaser OUT!!

I got one word to all SoNEs out there for today: REJOICE!! yes, REJOICE, because our savior from SNSD’s single thirst has come…well, it’s only a teaser, but still, I know we are all waiting for the next big thing from SNSD after their latest mini-album Genie…

if you want to watch the teaser (which I assume you’d answer ‘YES!’ if you were a SoNE, or even ‘I have watched it already of course’ if you were a hardcore SoNE), I embed one teaser from YouTube…here you go…

as you can see their outfit there is similar, if not the same, to the promotional poster of their 1st Asia Tour Concert – Into The New World…and the concept is not far, if not actually equal, from what implied in that poster, which was “cheerleading”…

SNSD 1st Asia Concert Tour Promotional Poster

that image is built even stronger from the teaser since The Nine also wears blue cheerleader outfit…the outfit is, in my opinion, HAWT!! not the kind of hot vibe Sena Ayanami gives off, but a hot aura that makes you giggle like a boy who got his first toy from a pretty girlfriend…what? you’re not giggling in that situation? nah, you giggle deep down inside, ADMIT IT! heheheh…

anyway, that’s that…how do you think of it? the teaser of course, not the giggling over the toy…


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