The Blues: It’s Monday (2)

Yeah. It’s that time again. To ramble, because apparently I’ve done my share of cases for today and waiting for next cases to show up. Hopefully not too soon.

Recently I’ve been watching several clips of people of Offline TV on YouTube. It’s just nice to see them. Warming in fact. These are people who seem to be similar to me in character: geeky, awkward, extrovertedly introvert (is this even a word?). It’s like “Hey, I’m not the only person who’s like that!” And yeah, to be honest, I got into watching them because of the Lilypichu’s melodica video.

She’s cute.

After watching their clips, I found out about Disguised Toast and his harem. It’s funny that watching it kinda reminds me of Love Hina, a romcom manga/anime that I honestly read only for the story. Never for the occasional semi-lewd contents. Nope, not at all. Must be fun being Toast. Or is it? Well, at least I’d enjoy being Toast.

The more I watch I found more interesting stuff, like Fed’s emotional real talk, Aria’s dance class, Albert’s magic tricks, etc. But in the same time I also feel a build up of melancholy in me. “Must be nice to have friends” is something that often pops up watching their videos. I mean, I do have friends. I have a lot of friends, even. But it is one thing to make friends and another thing to maintain the friendship. I’m good at one thing and bad at the other. Hint: I’m good at making friends.

I’ve been living alone ever since I started university, which means this year is my 12th anniversary of living alone. It’s been fun. It’s been awesome. No one to tell me things. No one to disturb me. No one to argue with. After more than a decade, I think I’ve grown accustomed to this. Too accustomed, perhaps.

So the “must be nice to have friends” in my thoughts is simply a selfish idea of mine. An egotist’s ideal, where people should approach first so that he can join the fun. So that the fun be brought to him. That’s the asshole in me. Why would anyone make an effort if I didn’t make any? It’s just fair. In the end, it’s all my fault anyway. A fault I know how to fix, but too comfortable to actually fix it.

Have a great Monday everyone. Don’t forget to smile and watch Lilypichu if you’re down. She might give you a healthy dose of comfy.


The Recipe: My Mom’s “Babi Kecap”

Yaaaa.. Jadi ini agak random sebenernya, tapi gue baru aja masak Babi Kecap pake resep nyokap dan sukses (YAY!). Kesuksesan ini bikin gue pengen bagi-bagi resep Babi Kecap dari nyokap gw. Hahahaha. Oke! LANGSUNG SAJA!

Bahan Persiapan:
1 kg daging babi (gue sih make 600-700g pork belly, sisanya lean pork)
1 buah bawang bombay
6-7 siung bawang merah
3-6 siung bawang putih
Jahe secukupnya (segede kacang gitu kali ya)
½ jeruk lemon (ato 2 jeruk nipis kali ya? klo ga ada lemon)
Garam secukupnya

Bahan Masak:
Butter secukupnya
½ buah bawang bombay
3-4 siung bawang putih
Biji pala (Myristica fragrans) secukupnya (klo ga ada pala bubuk juga gapapa kayanya)
Cengkih (Syzygium aromaticum) sekitar 7 atau 9 tangkai
Lada putih bubuk secukupnya
5-7 sendok makan kecap manis

9pwghpclPenampakan merek adalah ketidaksengajaan. Ya kali diendorse begonoan. Siapa gue..

– Seperti bisa diliat di gambar di atas, itu babi potong-potong dulu sesuei selera.
– Bawang-bawangan ama jahe dicincang alus semuanya. Sehalus perasaan para penonton Kimi no Nawa (padahal belum nonton). Campur cincangan tersebut dengan potongan daging babi.
– Peras jeruk lemon/nipis, aernya campurin juga ke si babi tadi. Taburkan garam secukupnya.
– Aduk-aduk, klo bisa pake tangan agar lebih merakyat.
– Cuekin dulu, paling ngga 30 menit. Jangan lama-lama, nanti keburu diperhatiin orang lain.. Eh.. Ehem.. Anu, maap salah. Tapi gue sih biasanya abis diaduk, gue masukin kulkas trus masak besoknya.

– Panaskan wajan dan dinginkan pikiran. Jangan terlalu dipikirkan lah masalahnya.
– Masukin butter klo wajannya dirasa sudah panas.. Sebentar, jangan dirasa juga deng, ntar melepuh.. Dikira-kira aja. Biarkan ia meleleh dalam panasnya situasi.
– Cincang bawang bombay ama bawang putih. Masukin ke wajan. Tumis sampe kira-kira setengah mateng.
– Masukin adukan babi yang sudah diresapi sari-sari kenikmatan duniawi.
– Tambahkan kecap manis, lada putih, cengkeh, dan bubuk pala atau bahasa Inggrisnya nutmeg (yang ini, bukan yang ini).
– Trivia: Kata nyokap cengkehnya kudu ganjil. Gw tanya kenapa, doi jawab, “Ya pokoknya kata Oma sih harus begitu.” Awrite~ Agak klenik yah…
– Aduk-aduk sampe rata dengan api/panas sedang sekitar 5-10 menit.
– Sekiranya diliat udah rata itu bumbunya, ganti ke api kecil ato panas rendah dan biarkan masak selama 30-40 menit. Tapi sekali-sekali diaduk-aduk juga biar bumbu dan panasnya merata. Jangan didiemin doang. Dicuekin. Ga enak tau. Kaya udah paling oke aja lo. Ditikung orang tau rasa.
– MAKAN TUH! Babi kecapnya maksud saya. Enak ga? Klo belum enak, lemesin aja dulu. Katanya lama-lama enak kok. Babi kecapnya.

9pwghpclBeginilah kira-kira jadinya beliau jika sampeyan sukses. Selamat mencoba!

The Advice: Traveling on Airplanes

I can’t say I’m the best traveler ever, but I dare say I have my fair share of traveling with airplanes. I’ve flown with at least 10 different airlines and if you connect the dots of the airports that I’ve visited, technically I’ve flown full circle around the globe. I saw lots of travelers, both good and bad ones. Some of the bad ones seemed like they’re first time travelers, so they lacked the traveling etiquette. These bunch I can understand. But some others, some others were downright annoyance to other travelers. The worse thing is that you can actually tell that they’ve also done much traveling, but they’re just being ignorant.


That being said, here’s a list of what I’d advise people to do when they’re traveling on airplanes:

1. Be on time for boarding process.
As much as the airline loves to leave you behind to stay true to their schedule, some will wait until the last minute possible. Especially if you’re a VIP guest (e.g. parliament or government members). Though this might be good for you, it’s never good for other passengers. Keep in mind that some of them might have to catch another flight and your delay in boarding always has that possibility to be translated to these people missing their flight.

2. Listen and follow the boarding announcement.
I’ve seen too many people, especially of my own country (yes, Indonesians, I’m looking at you), who would rush to get in the airplane right after the boarding announcement is made. This is not good. Especially if you’re going to board a big airplane (e.g. Boeing 777, Airbus 330, etc.). With these planes, for everyone’s convenience, usually the people who have seats at the back will be boarded first (right after the “special” passengers). What bothers me the most is that some airlines (including Garuda Indonesia, duh) don’t enforce their own boarding call. They announce boarding for back row, but they just let people in without checking their rows. If you got up and bunched up in front of the boarding door before your actual rows are called, you’re countering the intention of boarding call. You are one of the people who make airlines inefficient.

3. Request your seat upon check-in.
This is actually a bit trivial, but some people don’t know that they can do this. If you’re flying with full-service airlines, most of the time you can request your seat. If it’s still available, usually the check-in staff will be more than happy to assign the seat to you. Personally, I almost always request a window seat. Though I won’t be angry, I won’t like it if someone’s wife took my window seat just because she preferred it to middle or aisle seat (this is a true story). You can’t just board the plane and sit wherever you want, hoping that the person who has the seat would cordially give you the right to sit there.

4. Bring an appropriately-sized baggage to the cabin.
Most commercial passenger airplanes are designed to hold cabin baggage with limited size and weight. Your family and friends might’ve told you to bring something nice or delicious for them. Before you confidently say “yes” to them, take a look at your bags and think. Think and plan. People won’t care if your checked baggage is overweight or not, but if you bring loads of baggage into the cabin, you’re taking other people’s space. Yes, some passengers might travel very light, with no cabin baggage. Yes, the airline staffs might’ve seen your baggage and say it’s okay. But just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. Limit yourself to one appropriately-sized cabin baggage to be stored in the overhead bin and another small bag you can store under the seat in front of you.

So there you go, 4 points of my two cents I’ll share as a fellow air traveler. The bottom line for those points is basically try not to be an ignorant, selfish dimwit of a traveler. I won’t give “personal” tips, such as do online check-in, pack your clothes efficiently, and anything else along that line. Those tips can only help us on personal level and only an individual (you or me) would “suffer” for the consequences. But the ones I listed above have consideration for other travelers. Surely, if you want to be a decent traveler, you wouldn’t want to hinder or annoy other travelers. Until next time then!

The Blues: It’s Monday.

Here I am, laying on my back on the couch. Staring at the ceiling. They are bright, the bulbs on the small chandelier are actually bright. All the while feeling a hole gaping in my mind. Or is it in my heart? I don’t really think that matters. The point is there’s a gaping hole somewhere in me.

Just some 30 minutes ago, I was laughing, making faces, and having nice conversations with some friends. Now that I’m back in my studio apartment, I can’t even summon the slightest of smile. Am I sad? I don’t think so. I mean, I’d know it if I feel sad, right? What I feel now is most possibly nothing. The constant dripping sound from the leak of my air conditioner doesn’t really help to discern what is it really. I have filed complaint to my property agent and the contractor will send someone on Monday (which is technically today, in my side of the world). But can I actually complain? I have a place to stay and the apartment unit is actually nice. A studio unit indeed, but I can host 3 people easily in this unit. Some people doesn’t even have a roof above their head when they go to sleep.

What am I rambling about anyway. I know the answer already and I know I’m just trying to escape from knowing it. Trying to prolong the imaginary stalemate, one fabricated on mushy ground base of reason. What I feel is loneliness. That gaping hole is, and always is, loneliness. What I realized from time to time now is that loneliness hits you the hardest right after you spent some time with someone. Right after you pulled out of the human connection, BAM! Hello there, person, time to feel distant!!

As I said, it’s Monday. I can always blame it on Monday. A sleep will do. It will, as always.

The Thought: When “Best” is Not Enough

It was a calm, starry night. The couple embraced loosely, though anyone would be able to see the deep romance between them. As he leaned for a kiss, the guy started the conversation, “Thank you. For being with me.” The kiss was short and the girl smiled. “Isn’t this the best time of our life? Just you and me. In love.”, she said.

The guy opened his mouth. He paused for a second and slowly replied, ”I’m afraid not. A time with you can never be the best time for me.”

The girl was visually startled, but intrigued. She asked, “Why is that?”, trying to sound as nonchalantly as she could.

“Listen. I love you. I want to be with you until forever, if God allows.”, he stared at the sky before continuing, “To say that this is the best time of our life is unfortunate. Best is far too absolute of a word. What if we got married? Isn’t that better than now? What if when we sit together on the park bench, looking at our kids playing happily together, and we’re still madly in love with each other nonetheless? Isn’t that better than when we got married?”

The girl smiled. She knows all too well where he was going with his train of thoughts. Touching his cheek, she asked, “So?”

“So that’s that.”, the guy was now holding the girl hand that just caressed him. “To love you is not hoping to have the best time of my life. It’s to have better times. Each time I see you, kiss you, hug you, listen to you; every time I experience you with any sense that God has given me, it is always better than the previous one. You..”, he smiled as he looked at her deep in the eye, “You will only make my life better.”

And than they kissed. Not the best kiss ever, but obviously a better one than before. A one kiss that will be followed by lots and lots more of better kisses.

The Vacation: Yokoso Japan! (Part 1, The Flights)

Setelah sekian lama, rasanya sudah saatnya saya mengisi kembali blog ini. Kebetulan bulan kemaren juga abis beres liburan ke sebuah negara impian para pria seusia saya yang sering kehabisan tisu di kamar. Ya, saya baru saja pulang dari Jepang. Ngga baru saja juga sih, soalnya seperti yang dibilang barusan, udah sebulan lewat liburannya. Tapi kangen. Ah elah. Jadi ceritanya mulai dari blogpost ini, saya mau bercerita tentang liburan kemaren dalam beberapa part. Karena waktu 2 minggu muter-muter Jepang itu ngga gampang nyeritainnya dalam satu blogpost buat penulis macam saya. Dan “penulis” di situ adalah blogger yang ngecek blognya sendiri sebulan sekali aja ngga. Jadi mohon maklum.

Di Part 1 kali ini saya mau cerita soal penerbangannya ke Jepang dan pulang dari Jepang aja deh. Biar ga panjang-panjang amat. Kenapa sampe harus diceritain penerbangannya? Karena ada unsur “PK” di penerbangan ini. “PK”-nya saya itu “Pertama Kali” sih artinya. Kan kata cewe-cewe jadi cowo harus “PK”. Sama sekalian pongah dikit. Dikiiittt.

12004831_10153627372447863_3346404633740029658_nAsik! Dapet invitasi masuk MAS Golden Lounge KLIA!!

Jadi perjalanan saya dimulai dari atas itu. Ya, saya booking tiket Vietnam Airlines rute KUL-SGN-NGO dan pulangnya juga NGO-SGN-KUL. Semua demi tier mileage Garuda Indonesia (karena GA dan VN sama-sama member SkyTeam) dan ke Nagoya juga biar sekalian ketemu ama temen. Sotoynya saya adalah buat flight ke Jepang itu saya book Business Class, makanya bisa masuk lounge-nya Malaysian Airlines di KLIA. Tadinya agak takut bakal kena delay ato cancel karena langit KLIA sore itu emang masih berkabut asap. Cuma ternyata delay-nya ngga signifikan, cuma 10-15 menit gitu lah. Fiuh. Eniwei, karena ada satu stop di Ho Chi Minh (yang dulu bernama Saigon, makanya kode bandaranya SGN), flight total ke Jepang ini jadi terhitung 1 short-haul flight dan 1 medium-haul flight, makanya pesawat yang dipake VN pun bukan pesawat gede sekelas Boeing B777 atau Airbus A330. Seinget saya, VN make Airbus A321 buat kedua flight ke Nagoya itu.

FotorCreatedSearah jarum jam dari kiri atas:
Pre-flight syampein (bukan sampeyan), suasana cabin Biz, menu inflight meal Biz, dan grilled beef tenderloin pesanan saya

Berhubung sotoy, begitu ditawarin sama pramugari pilihan pre-flight drinks, saya langsung milih champagne. Beruntung saya mesennya bukan “Yes, I want the sham-pag-ne, please”, orang Prancis ada-ada aja dah ah. Sehabis take-off, si pramugari kembali menghampiri saya untuk merayu, mengajak saya ke… Eh maaf, saya sedikit tertukar antara skenario dan realita. Ehem. Jadi trus saya dikasih menu seperti di atas. Karena sok-sokan bule, saya pun memesan grilled beef tenderloin yang dalam bahasa Vietnam sangat susah untuk disebut. Tapi yah buat saya apa juga susah klo pake bahasa Vietnam. Sempet syok sedikit karena di menu tertulis Kuala Lumpur – Hanoi. LAH KAN SAYA MAU KE HO CHI MINH!! Jadi bulak-balik ngecek boarding pass ama layar informasi. Nah, ngomong-ngomong layar informasi, flight KUL-SGN pake Vietnam Airlines ini ternyata ga ada In-Flight Entertainment-nya, di Business Class juga ga ada. Jadi kangen Garuda. Tapi berhubung penerbangannya cuma 1 jam, jadi emang ga ngaruh–ngaruh banget.

FotorCreated_2Penampakan buffet table di lounge Vietnam Airlines di Ho Chi Minh. Minuman pun free-flow~ Yuhuu~ Tapi saya kembung air putih koq. Botol-botol lain sungguh asing soalnya.

Sesampainya di Ho Chi Minh, saya langsung menuju Business Lounge, alias ngga mau rugi. Enak sih loungenya, pas saya dateng juga ngga rame. Makanannya masi cukup banyak dan masi anget-anget. Tapi yang bener-bener bikin sumringah adalah pojok minumannya. Huehuehue. Buat yang demen minum minuman beralkohol, mungkin akan sangat senang di sini. Tapi ingat yah, boarding staff berhak menolak penumpang masuk klo disinyalir terlalu mabuk. Bahkan mabuk cinta sekalipun. Engga deng, itu saya ga tau. Tapi yang jelas saya ngga minum banyak koq. Cuma beberapa gelas Baileys, karena itu doang liquor yang saya suka.

Penerbangan SGN-NGO secara relatif ngga terlalu seru. Mungkin karena saya ngantuk kali ya, jadi sebagian besar waktu di penerbangan SGN-NGO ya buat tidur. Sendiri. Ya susah juga sih tidur berdua di pesawat. Pertama, kabin Business class tetep aja ngga muat. Kedua, sama siapa emang. Tapi sebelum saya tidur, Mbak Pramugari memberikan sebuah tas kecil yang isinya banyak perlengkapan tambahan, kaya sisir, lip balm, body lotion, tisu basah, dll. Kenapa tidak sekalian vaseline yah? Mungkin body lotion cukup. Ehem. Ada juga stiker yang intinya minta dibangunin klo September sudah berakhir. Bukan deng, emang Green Day. Dibangunin klo inflight meal udah mau disiapin maksud saya. Jadi itu stiker saya tempelin deh ke bagian kursi yang mudah diliat si Mbak Pramugari. Sisa waktu penerbangan ke NGO ya gitu, kurang seru. Ternyata di SGN-NGO ini ada inflight entertainment-nya, cuma pilihannya sangat terbatas klo dibandingin ama medium-haul flight punya Garuda misalnya. Plus saya lupa poto-poto juga. Intinya itu sih. Hahahah.

Oke, seperti dibilang di beberapa bagian blogpost ini, saya anaknya agak sotoy. Jadi, karena perginya udah pake Business Class, pulangnya saya pengen ngrasain naik Economy Class-nya Vietnam Airlines. Alias emang ga ada duit aja buat booking bolak-balik di Business Class. Nah, karena di Business Class aja IFE-nya cuma ada pas SGN-NGO, maka bisa ditebak klo 2 flight balik ke KL (NGO-SGN, SGN-KUL) ngga ada fasilitas IFE-nya sama sekali. Ya ada sih sebenernya, tapi ga satu seat satu gitu, ada overhead monitor kecil yang bisa ditonton bareng-bareng, tapi saya lebih milih baca buku yang emang udah disiapin sebelumnya.

FotorCreated_3Menu minuman dan makanan untuk inflight meal service Economy Class NGO-SGN Vietnam Airlines dan sebotol kecil sake untuk menemani bacaan The Silmarillion

Satu hal yang saya agak seneng adalah VN tetep ngasi daftar menu ke penumpang Economy di rute NGO-SGN dan pilihannya pun menurut saya tetep oke. Terutama di bagian drinks, karena ada apa? Ya ada yang di foto di atas itu. Ada Japanese Sake!! Karena di udara pun saya udah kangen ama Jepang, jadinya saya pesenlah itu sake-nya. Lucu juga kemasannya, itu tutup botolnya klo dibuka lantas jadi cangkir kecil buat minumnya. Walhasil sebotol-botolnya saya bawa pulang. Lumayan, buat hiasan paling ngga. Untuk rute NGO-SGN ini saya mesen Eel Donburi, lagi-lagi karena belum rela meninggalkan Jepang. Hahaha. Abis makan, sisa waktu sampe ke Ho Chi Minh saya habiskan dengan membaca buku di foto itu, The Silmarillion. Buku awal dari segalanya di semestanya Lord of The Rings. Tapi ternyata kombinasi “ensiklopedia” dan sake cukup sukses membuat saya tertidur beberapa kali.

FotorCreated_4Atas: Nasi belut dengan soba dingin dan pernak-perniknya (NGO-SGN)
Bawah: Nasi ikan dengan beef salad dan potongan buah (SGN-KUL)

Inflight meals untuk penerbangan NGO-SGN dan SGN-KUL menurut saya sih lumayan yah. Bedanya cuma di SGN-KUL, seinget saya ngga dikasih menunya. Di flight SGN-KUL ini tapi ada ceritanya nih. Jadi saya dikasih seat sesuai dengan request pas booking, yang bikin “seru” adalah ternyata saya sebaris sama seorang mama muda yang cukup menarik. Faktor yang bikin ngga seru adalah bahwa si mama muda ini naro anak balita rewelnya di antara kita berdua. Asik, antara kita berdua. Beruntung earphone bawaan Galaxy S5 saya cukup ampuh untuk menyaring rewelannya si anak ini. Berhubung saya seorang lelaki yang mengerti susahnya traveling dengan anak kecil…Hmm, kalimat barusan menyiratkan saya sudah berkeluarga dan punya anak…Saya single koq, ladies *sly grin*. Intinya sih saya membantu sebisanya agar si anak ini ga rewel-rewel amat. Rewardnya ternyata adalah beberapa senyuman manis manja dari si mama muda dan bonus beef salad jatah anaknya yang ketiduran. Hahaha. Di beberapa kesempatan, si mama muda juga menunduk-nunduk, sampai saya agak salah tingkah karena bisa melihat…err…anu…emm…belahan…belahan hidupnya yang dia berikan bagi anak-anaknya. Sungguh. Beberapa jam kemudian, setelah dua minggu lebih sedikit, sampailah saya kembali ke apartemen saya di KL. Siap untuk istirahat dan pergi bekerja kembali di keesokan paginya. Fuaaahhh…

The Resignation: Percayalah~ Oshi~

Waduh…Mau nulis blog lagi, tapi tentang jekate-jekatean. Terakhir nulis blog juga tentang itu. Ngapa jadi begini amat ini gw? Hahaha. Tapi ya sudahlah. Mungkin saya rindu. *ya elah* Eniwei, sebenernya nulis ini gara-gara dapet berita mengejutkan, member paforit saya bakal udahan jadi member jekate.


Sebenernya sejak sebuah insiden yang belum lama terkuak (asik ga bahasa gw?), sudah ada indikasi dan potensi yang mengacu pada sebuah konklusi yang akhirnya akan terealisasi setelah hari ini. Agak sedih sih ya, soalnya gw sendiri karena satu dan lain hal kaga bisa ikutan event HS Kokoro no Placard yang bakal jadi event HS terakhirnya si jagoan gw ini. Otomatis terakhir ketemu ya event HS Gingham Check kemaren. Padahal abis event itu sengaja bela-belain nonton teater, dengan harapan bakal ngliat lagi di panggung. Terlanjur kesengsem ama perform dia di Tsukimisou. Menggemaskan. Etapi sampe gw kudu balik ke KL, ternyata dia kaga ada jadwal manggungnya. Mana blom sempet ngliat dia duet bareng Ve pula di Shinkirou. Dem.


Tapi seengganya udah ngirim fanlet tulisan tangan sih. Simpel memang, konon sih yang penting isinya. Itu nulisnya belom tau klo beneran bakal cabut, eh, abis balik dari kantor pos lokal sini, besokannya beneran pengumuman resmi. Sungguh mencengangkan. Gw ga bakal panjang-panjang mencurahkan pikiran dan perasaan gw terhadap keputusan jagoan gw ini di blogpost ini sih, biar di fanlet itu aja. Biar ceritanya lebih personal gitu *cie cie cie*. Yang jelas apapun yang dia rencanakan setelah udahan dari aktivitas jekate-jekatean, gw doain semoga semuanya lancar dan bisa terus memberikan kemaslahatan bagi dirinya dan orang-orang di sekitarnya.

Semangat selalu ya Rica. Terima kasih untuk kenangannya selama kamu jadi member JKT48. Walaupun aku blom sempet lama ngfans sama kamu, tapi sebagian besar momen juara aku di fandom ini ada berkat kamu. Sorry I couldn’t do a lot as a fan. Good luck on everything you’re planning after this. Meet you as friends next time? =P